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Toll Plaza Demolition Project

Sumner Tunnel Entrance Reconstruction and Toll Plaza Demolition

Toll Plaza Demolition and Reconstruction

During October 2016, MassDOT held public meetings to provide information about what to expect as the toll booths are eliminated. The purpose of the meetings was to inform users of the Massachusetts Turnpike and neighboring communities about the construction process to minimize any public inconvenience. Topics discussed included: demolition process, timeline, hours of construction operations, traffic and noise impacts, material disposition, and other project-related issues.

MassDOT Gantry Rate Public Hearings

MassDOT held gantry rate public meetings in September 2016 to hear public comments on the initial rate proposal before it was approved by the MassDOT Board on October 6, 2016. Meetings were held in the communities of Lenox, Springfield, Worcester, Framingham, Newton, Lynn, and Allston. Over 100 comments were received either in person or in writing.

MassDOT Board Presentations

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