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Toll Plaza Demolition Project

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Toll Plaza Demolition Project

Project Overview

The Toll Plaza Demolition and Roadway Reconstruction project, to demolish the existing toll plazas on the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90), will begin immediately after All Electronic Tolling “goes live” on October 28, 2016. The project will proceed in two stages and all work is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2017.

The process for removing existing toll plazas is occurring in phases to ensure the safety of drivers and work zone crews and to minimize traffic disruption.

Traffic Management and Construction

Artist rendering showing the phase one lane shift to left and right of the toll plazaNew traffic patterns will be utilized during the phases of the toll plaza demolition. This first traffic pattern is necessary to begin work to demolish the center lanes of the toll plazas and reconstruct portions of the roadway. MassDOT has posted a visualization of the toll plaza demolition on YouTube.

Vehicles will be channeled to the outside lanes of the plaza and guided through the former toll lanes. The speed limit through this phase will continue to be 15 miles per hour.

The first phase of toll plaza demolition work is scheduled to be completed by November 22, 2016.

The second phase of work is scheduled to begin after the Thanksgiving Holiday when demolition work will begin on the toll plaza booths to the right and left. Traffic will then be detoured through the newly paved travel lanes where the centers of the toll plazas once stood. During this phase, drivers will be able to travel at a posted work zone speed limit.

Weather permitting, toll plaza demolition activities will occur throughout the winter months. It is anticipated that all toll plaza infrastructure will be removed by the end of calendar year 2017.

The toll demolition and road reconstruction projects will impact travel for motorists along the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90), and drivers are encouraged to:

  • slowdown in active construction areas
  • allow extra time to reach their destinations
  • travel at off-peak hours
  • take mass transit
  • be considerate when merging and changing lanes
  • minimize distractions

Toll plaza demolition activities will include removal of the existing toll booth structures, access tunnels, parking lots, and toll plaza buildings. The roadway will be reconstructed to accommodate vehicles using the new roadway alignment.

MassDOT is sensitive to the needs of local residents and will be monitoring construction noise levels throughout the demolition process and mitigation measures will be applied as needed. Construction limits will be followed for night-time operations to lessen the impact on local communities.

Traveler Information Resources

MassDOT encourages travelers to pay close attention when driving through work zones, and to plan their trips in advance, especially when traveling during peak hours.

For traffic and road conditions, drivers may use the following options to make decisions. Additional resources are available on our Traffic and Travel Resources page.

Travelers should also visit the following websites of Regional Transit Authorities for information on public transportation in communities that are located near I-90:

Contact Us

MassDOT is committed to public outreach throughout construction. If you would like to report issues or concerns or for questions related to construction, please email the project.

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