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Project Status

Barletta Heavy Division, Inc. is the prime contractor. Construction began in January 2015 and is expected to be completed in Spring 2019. MassDOT established an interim milestone requiring a portion of the new Kendrick Street Interchange to be open to traffic in Fall 2016.

The project has been split into five major stages to minimize impacts to the traveling public. Stage 1 (January 2015 to October 2015) includes the following:

  • Widening the northern half of the Kendrick Street Bridge while maintaining the existing three lanes on the structure.
  • Building Kendrick Street ramp bridge to I-95 NB.
  • Commencing construction of the new Highland Street Bridge while maintaining traffic on the existing spans.
  • Initial construction at the interchange of I-95 and Route 9.
  • Demolition of the railroad bridge over I-95.

View the Project Overview page for more detailed information including the new Interchange Ramp Configurations.

Current Construction Activities: Period of May 29 to June 3, 2017

Throughout the week of May 29, 2017, Barletta Heavy Division (BHD), MassDOT’s contractor for the I-95/Route 128 Add-a-Lane Bridge V project, will continue construction operations. Work will be performed project-wide during the standard working hours of 7:00AM to 3:00PM. All project work is currently underway within the Town of Needham, except at the I-95/Route 9 Interchange, which is located in Wellesley.

Weekend work will not take place over the weekend of May 27-28 or on Monday, May 29 in recognition of Memorial Day. During the week, nighttime milling and paving operations on the I-95 mainline will continue.

At Highland Avenue, space will be reclaimed for the future southbound collector/distributor road between Highland Avenue and Kendrick Street. Nighttime installation of drainage will take place at ramps H3 (I-95 northbound to Highland Avenue eastbound) and H4 (Highland Avenue eastbound to I-95 northbound). Sidewalk and barrier will be formed, reinforced, and poured.

From Highland Avenue to Central Avenue, work for the week will address installation of retaining wall piles and panels and forming, reinforcing, and pouring of the southeast wingwall between May 30 and June 2.

At Route 9, work will include installation of drainage at Ramp W6 (I-95 Southbound to Route 9 Eastbound); removing guardrail and preparing the drill pad adjacent to Cedar Street, widening Route 9 eastbound, installation of precast median barrier from Central Avenue through the northern limits of work beyond the Route 9 interchange, and forming and reinforcing bridge barrier and approach slabs.

BHD will be closing lanes during off-peak hours to continue construction of all bridges. Lane closures are necessary to create a safe work zone; drivers are asked to be aware of possible lane closures for their own safety and that of the project team. Please also note that all work - especially related to paving - is contingent upon the weather.

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Getting Involved

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