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Purpose of the Project:

The MassDOT Mobility Hub is being developed on approximately eight acres of property previously used by MassDOT for construction staging and materials storage. MassDOT intends to develop a multi-user parking facility serving different customers throughout peak commuting hours, off-peak weekday hours, and weekends in order to provide activity, light and security to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ("24/7/365"). MassDOT is also pursuing a number of secondary strategies to activate the site facilitated by the lighting and security provided by the parking facility. MassDOT intends to improve connectivity between the surrounding neighborhoods for pedestrians and bicyclists, improve the ability of the traveling public to shift transportation modes at the Facility, and design and construct urban design enhancements which create a sense of place and encourage additional use of the site. MassDOT is working with representatives from the community and the Boston Redevelopment Authority to identify both temporary and permanent urban design enhancements that MassDOT can implement in and around the Facility.

Location & Transportation:

mobility hub parcel locationsThe Facility is on the eastern edge of the South End neighborhood of Boston and to the West of the South Boston neighborhood of Boston. The Facility is strategically located where I-90 and I-93 highway ramps converge with local roads, multimodal paths, transit connections, and the Fort Point Channel, offering a single location where the travelling public can access multiple modes of the local and regional transportation system. The state highway system is accessible via the adjacent highway ramps leading to I-93 northbound and southbound, and I-90 westbound and eastbound, including a dedicated access ramp for high occupancy vehicles travelling to Logan International Airport. Local roads are accessible via Albany Street, Frontage Road, and the West 4th Street and Broadway Bridges, which provide access to South Boston and the MBTA Red Line service at Broadway Station, ¼ mile away. In addition three stops of the MBTA Silver Line are accessible nearby in the South End neighborhood at the Herald Street, East Berkeley and Union Park Street stops, and a number of MBTA bus routes run adjacent to the Facility, including routes 11, 15, 47 and 9. To the north, the Facility has access to Kneeland Street, Chinatown, the Leather District, the Rose Kennedy Greenway and South Station, including access for pedestrians and bicycles at a separate grade adjacent to Albany Street. In addition, the South Bay Harbor Trail will soon be extended past the Facility, offering access for pedestrians and bicycles to the Boston Harborwalk to the east, and the Southwest Corridor Park to the West. The Fort Point Channel is immediately accessible from the Facility, offering direct access to the waterfront and major waterways.

Project Phasing:

mobility hub phases

Phase 1 of the project is scheduled for substantial completion by the end of 2013, and includes the construction of 235 parking spaces, improved pedestrian conditions, increased lighting, and temporary urban realm improvements designed to change perception of the site.

Phase 2 of the project, scheduled for substantial completion in December of 2014, includes the construction of approximately 192 additional parking spaces accessible from Traveler Street and will include the construction of a new multi-modal path connecting the South Bay Harbor Trail to Kneeland Street, an extension of the Boston Harborwalk along the Fort Point Channel, and open space designed to showcase the active transportation infrastructure which surrounds the Facility and stitches together the region, and permanent urban realm improvements designed in collaboration with a community advisory committee of appointed representatives of the surrounding community.

Community Advisory Committee:

  • Liz Cahill
  • John Connelly
  • Aimee Coolidge
  • Crystal Galvin
  • Bill Gleason
  • Marc LaCasse
  • Manjari Malaiya
  • Ann McQueen
  • William Moy
  • Gabrielle Schaffner
  • Robert Wells
  • Matt Wolfe

Community Advisory Process:

  • 11/12/2013: Public Meeting 1
  • 12/03/13: Advisory Meeting 1
  • 01/13/2014: Advisory Meeting 2
  • 02/04/2014: Cathedral of The Holy Cross, 75 Union Park Street, Boston
    Enter at the 'Side' entrance of the Cathedral, where the handicapped ramp is located
  • 2/24/14: 6pm Public Meeting 2 - Project Place - 1145 Washington St, Boston
  • TBD: Advisory Meeting 4
  • TBD: Additional meetings if needed
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