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McCarthy/McGrath Overpass

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This page includes documents and meeting materials associated with the environmental permitting and design phase of the McGrath Boulevard project. Readers should assume that newer documents supersede older ones. As some of these documents are larger in size, 5MB and above, users without broadband or using wireless connections may wish to download these documents and review them locally.

Environmental/Design Phase Documents

March 1, 2017 Working Group Meeting

March 24, 2016 Working Group Meeting

January 21, 2016 Working Group Meeting

December 10, 2015 Working Group Meeting

August 5, 2015 Working Group Meeting

May 28, 2015 Public Information Meeting

April 16, 2015 Working Group Meeting

February 5, 2015 Working Group Meeting

November 19, 2014 Working Group Meeting

July 17, 2014 Public Information Meeting

Grounding McGrath: Determining the Future of the Route 28 Corridor Final Report

Health Impact Assessment for the Grounding McGrath Study (Department of Public Health, Bureau of Environmental Health)

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