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I-91 Interchange 19

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I-91 Interchange 19

About the Project

Project Area

The project area is located just west of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Bridge spanning the Connecticut River and includes the intersection of Bridge Street and Damon Road/I-91 northbound off-ramp and the intersection of Bridge Street (Route 9) and the I-91 southbound on-ramp. The project also includes the Exit 19 acceleration and deceleration lanes on the I-91 mainline.

Project Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the project is to:

  • improve traffic operations at I-91 Interchange 19 by addressing capacity deficiencies at intersections on Route 9 and Damon Road
  • improve access to and from I-91 at the existing interchange
  • reduce crash levels within the immediate vicinity of the interchange
  • adequately prepare for currently projected growth and related transportation needs within the effective design life of the facility

Proposed Improvements

Roadway - The intersection of the NB Off-ramp and Damon Road will be reconstructed as a two-lane roundabout with a bypass lane for vehicles accessing Route 9 westbound from Damon Road. All approaches to the roundabout will be two lanes as well. The roundabout will include a truck apron along its inscribed diameter and a landscaped central island.

The deceleration length on the northbound off-ramp and the acceleration lane from southbound on-ramp will also be increased by widening the ramps.

Pedestrian/Bicycles - A shared use path will be provided around the entire roundabout with the exception of on Route 9 where it passes under the I-91 bridges. At this location, a 5.5 sidewalk will be provided on both sides of Route 9.

Background - Project Study

The project evolved from the "Connecticut River Crossing Transportation Study," in which the transportation needs of a regional study area from Holyoke to Sunderland were determined, including the potential need for an additional bridge over the Connecticut River. One of the long-term recommendations from that study was to improve the traffic operations at the I-91 Interchange 19. A subsequent study was undertaken to refine the concept at the specific project location.


A 25 percent design public hearing will be held in the fall of 2015.

Getting Involved

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact:

Dan Fielding, Legislative Liaison
Tel: 857-368-8959

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