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I-90 Median Barrier Replacement Project

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Traffic Impacts

Please see the I-90 Median Barrier Traffic Impacts page for complete details.

Project Scope of Work

This project includes reconstruction of the I-90 median from Commonwealth Avenue to Dalton Street, for a distance of approximately 7230 feet. Median reconstruction work includes removal of the existing raised median and center guard rail, replacement with precast concrete half section median barriers and paved shoulders, along with minor improvements to the existing drainage facilities within the median. Approximately 1200 feet of the 7230 feet of the median reconstruction will create a temporary traffic crossover that will be used for temporary traffic maintenance to support the future replacement of the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge superstructure using Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques. This project also consists of the substructure rehabilitation of the bridge that carries Commonwealth Avenue and the MBTA Green Line over I-90 Eastbound and Westbound and the MBTA Commuter Railroad. Work includes minor rehabilitation of the east and west abutments, as well as major rehabilitation of the east and west piers.

Other work under this project includes replacement of bridge joints at the I-90 over Muddy River Bridge, roadway lighting improvements within the median, and construction of masonry block closure walls between EB and WB I-90 east of Dalton Street.

Pier Rehabilitation

Pier: The vertical concrete structures that support each span of the bridge at locations between the two abutments.

Rehabilitation of the piers includes demolition of the existing pier walls down to the top of the existing footings, and construction of replacement pier walls capable of supporting the existing superstructures and the future replacement superstructures. The work will take place while the existing girders are temporarily shored to allow maintaining the existing superstructure in place. The pier work will take place in segments to ensure that the structure is adequately supported at all times with a combination of temporary shoring towers and portions of the pier wall. The temporary shoring towers will be located inside the closed lane making use of that lane for travel impossible. The location of the shoring towers does not allow enough room for the 4th travel lane.

Rehabilitation of the East and West Piers will not take place concurrently. Each pier is scheduled to take place approximately 6 months to rehabilitate between December 2014 and March 2016.


The median pier of Commonwealth Ave has been reconstructed from the bottom of bearing to the top of footing. The last segment was placed in June. The median has been excavated from Commonwealth Avenue to Brookline Street. The ongoing work includes excavation of the existing median, installation of electrical and communication conduit, substructure repairs on the other overhead bridges along the Turnpike and installation of the new permanent precast barrier. The median work will extend to the Prudential Tunnel entrance.

Median Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the existing median is scheduled to take place concurrently with the pier rehabilitations.

Current Work Activities

The pier on the low speed side of the Eastbound pike has begun reconstruction and is being done in the same manner as the median pier. The pier is being demolished in sections while the bridge is being held in place with shoring towers. This work is expected to take approximately 6 months.

The median reconstruction is ongoing with excavation of the existing median, installation electrical conduit, light bases, and median barrier along with substructure repairs to Mass Ave, Charlesgate Overpass and the entrance to the Prudential Tunnel

Daytime setups are allowed on weekdays as required to do concrete placements and other work that can’t be done at night. These setups are off peak hours between 10 am and 2 pm. Extended weekend setups are being utilized as required to expedite the work.

Upcoming work schedule includes continuation of the reconstruction of the pier on the EB low speed side of the Turnpike and continuation of median reconstruction from Brookline St to the Prudential Tunnel

Project Questions

Questions regarding traffic issues and scope of work can be directed to MassDOT at

Project Noise Complaints

Noise Complaints can be directed to the Contractor, SPS New England. The phone number is 978-462-6543 x197

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