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I-290/Belmont Street Bridge Project

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The Belmont Street Bridge is located in Worcester, just east of Lincoln Square and the city’s downtown. The Bridge carries Route 9, locally known as Belmont Street over I-290. The bridge itself consists of 4 lanes: 2 eastbound and 2 westbound. The span is also part of an interchange with I-290: eastbound traffic on I-290 can exit to Belmont Street at the eastern end of the Bridge and Route 9 (Belmont St) traffic from both directions can enter I-290 westbound from the western side of the bridge.

Traffic Advisory

On Thursday, March 23, 2017, the project team for the Belmont Street Rehabilitation project will open the westbound (towards Lincoln Square) left turn lane on the bridge allowing motorists to again access I-290. Two lanes eastbound (towards Shrewsbury) and two lanes westbound (towards Lincoln Square) will also be available to motorists. For more information, please see the Traffic Management page.

Getting Involved

MassDOT maintains an email burst database for this project and will issue regular, 3-week look-ahead emails throughout the duration of the job. At times when project activities have a significant impact, a special email will be sent in addition to outreach through local print media, MassDOT social media channels, and the City of Worcester

Please sign up for email updates on the project.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact

Donnie Dailey, Public Outreach Coordinator
Tel: 857-368-8902

Stay up-to-date on the Belmont Street Rehabilitation Project with views from this EarthCam construction camera.

Project Overview

bridge under constructionThe project area consists of the ¼ mile of Belmont Street around the bridge and the span itself. The existing structure has reached the end of its useful lifespan and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. MassDOT issued Notice to Proceed (NTP) on October 15, 2014 and the construction phase is now underway. Work for the winter 2014-2015 includes placing construction signage, removal of the north sidewalk, utility relocations, and the installation of a temporary pedestrian bridge to detour walkers around the work site. Looking ahead to November of 2015, the first in a series of two temporary traffic configurations, featuring a single westbound, and two eastbound lanes over the Belmont Street Bridge, will be implemented. At present, the second of these phases is scheduled for June, 2016. It is anticipated that full beneficial use of the rehabilitated bridge will be achieved by December, 2016.bridge under construction

The I-290/Belmont Street Bridge Project will include the full replacement of the bridge’s road deck, steel superstructure and center pier to ensure the structure can continue to safely and efficiently carry traffic. The completed bridge will be wider than the existing structure allowing for the incorporation of a left-turn lane for vehicles entering I-290 westbound from Belmont Street westbound, improving traffic flow and reducing delays to through traffic caused by turning vehicles. In addition to the left-turn lane, the bridge’s profile will consist of 2 eastbound lanes, 2 westbound lanes, and a 4-foot bicycle accommodating shoulder on either side of the structure. The project also includes upgrades to pedestrian signal equipment, crosswalks, and accessibility ramps at the intersections abutting the bridge and the intersection of Belmont Street/Edward Street. All upgrades will meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Project Status

  • Spring 2017: Full Beneficial Use
  • Fall 2016/Winter 2017: Phase two traffic shift
  • Summer 2016: Phase two traffic shift preparation/implementation
  • Winter 2015-2016: Traffic shift implemented and first half of old bridge under demolition
  • Fall 2015: Preparatory steps for phase one traffic shift
  • Summer 2015: Temporary Pedestrian Bridge opened to improve pedestrian safety
  • Winter 2014-15: Early action steps underway: utility relocations, pedestrian bridge installation
  • October 2014: MassDOT issued Notice to Proceed
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