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Braintree Superstructure Replacement Project

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Project Overview

A routine bridge inspection in 2013 discovered significant deterioration in the superstructure of both bridges and at that time temporary repairs were performed to ensure public safety. Bridges B-21-060 and B-21-061, ST3 (SB) and ST 3 (NB), carry 113, 100 vehicles every twenty-four hours on weekdays; historically volumes are much lower on weekends. These bridges provide both important local and regional connections and their rapid replacement will ensure that they can continue to safely and efficiently carry future traffic. Notice to proceed was issued to MassDOT’s general contractor for the project, SPS New England, in the spring of 2017. Preparatory work for the rapid superstructure replacement (riding deck, guardrails, etc), over the course of two weekends in the fall of 2017, has been underway throughout the spring and summer. The project's total cost is $6.3 million.


Bridges B-21-060 and B-21-061, ST3 (SB) and ST 3 (NB) Over Ramp C (Quincy Adams), are located in the Town of Braintree just south of the Braintree Split.  The bridges carry Route 3 over Ramp C (Quincy Adams) which provides access to the Burgin Parkway.  Each bridge consists of three travel lanes and shoulders.

Traffic Advisory

During the weekend of September 22-25, 2017, the bridge carrying Route 3 northbound will be replaced in a round-the-clock operation beginning at 10PM on the 22nd and lasting until 5AM on the 25th.  The southbound bridge will be replaced in a similar fashion during the weekend of October 13-16.  During the two replacement weekends, Route 3 will be detoured using temporary median cross-over lanes.  Ramp C, providing access to the Burgin Parkway will be closed and a detour will be provided via Washington Street in Braintree.  Ramp F, which provides access onto Route 3 from Braintree, will likewise be closed to local traffic and used to maintain service on the Route 3 mainline.  Local traffic which would normally use Ramp F will also be provided with a detour to access I-93 northbound towards Boston and points west and south along Route 128 and Route 24. 

For more information please see this PowerPoint presentation regarding the work given in a public information meeting at Braintree Town Hall on September 18th, 2017.

Getting Involved

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact
Donny Dailey, Legislative Liaison
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