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Please note:

  • the fees for The Non-Divisible Oversize and Overweight Loads along with the Super Load Permits have changed.
  • travel on the Mass Turnpike (I-90) requires a separate permit. The permit may be requested through the Weston Permits Office or online. For additional questions please contact the Permits Office at 781-431-5148.
  • the Massachusetts Department of Transportation will not be participating in the New England Transportation Consortium Permits (NETC).

The Commonwealth issues some 50,000 permits annually to allow oversized vehicles to travel within Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) provides a web-based application to support the processing, tracking, notification and issuance of truck permits for Loads in Excess of Legal limits (Non-Reducible). The Online Truck Permit System is designed to improve the level of customer service and overall responsiveness for Non-Reducible permit services.

Find more information on Truck Permits or Access the Online Truck Permit System.

Please read the Metro-Boston Non-Radioactive Hazardous Material route designation information. For more information about hazardous material, please visit the regulations page at the Office of Hazardous Materials Safety Web site.

If your trip includes travel on the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90), please continue reading the information in the next section.

Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) and the Metropolitan Highway System

For commercial vehicle information on the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) and the Metropolitan Highway System, refer to the following for regulations, limitations, hazardous material routes, truck stops, tandem lots and more.

Truck Regulations

Complete information on regulations pertaining to Special Limitations and the Issuance of Special Permits may be found in the provisions of 730 CMR 7.06(3)(b)2. or 3.

Weight and Dimension Restrictions

The following applies to use of ways under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation:

Limitations on Weight

In general, circumstances under which a special permit is required are as follows:

  • A motor vehicle or vehicle combination requires a special permit if the vehicles weight exceeds the following maximum vehicle weight:
    • Motor vehicle with two axles - 46,000 lbs.
    • Vehicle or vehicle combination with three axles - 73,000 lbs.
    • Vehicle or vehicle combination with four or more axles - 87,000 lbs.
    • Vehicle or vehicle combination with five or more axles - 99,000 lbs.
  • A motor vehicle or vehicle combination requires a special permit if the weight on any axle, measured at the ground, exceeds the following maximum weight for the applicable spacing between axles of the vehicle:
    • Weight on a single axle or axles spaced less than six feet apart: 18,000 lbs.
    • Weight on a single axle or axles spaced six feet or more apart: 22,400 lbs. or
    • The overall gross weight on a group of two or more consecutive axles exceeds 80,000 pounds or the value of "W" produced by application of the Bridge Gross Weight Formula, whichever is less, except that two consecutive sets of tandem axles may carry a gross load of 34,000 pounds each, provided that the overall distance between the first and last axles of the consecutive sets of tandem axles is 36 feet or more.

Over Dimensional Restrictions:

A vehicle does not require a special permit with respect to its size if the vehicle does not exceed any of the following maximum dimensions:

Vehicle Width

  • Width, including load is no greater than eight feet, six inches for use of the Tunnels.
  • Height, including load, is no greater than thirteen feet for use of a way other than the Tunnels

Vehicle Height

Height, including load, is no greater than the following maximum vehicle height for the way upon which the vehicle is traveling:

Way Maximum Vehicle Height
Turnpike 13 feet 6 inches
Ted Williams Tunnel 13 feet 6 inches
Callahan Tunnel 12 feet 6 inches
Sumner Tunnel 12 feet 6 inches
O'Neill Tunnel (I-93) 13 feet 6 inches
CANA (City Square) Tunnels 13 feet 6 inches
Other Locations Not Listed 13 feet 6 inches

Vehicle Length

Type of Vehicle Maximum Vehicle Length
Motor vehicle not listed 33 feet
Vehicle combination not listed other than semi trailer 60 feet
Articulated bus 60 feet
Auto home 40 feet
Automobile transporter (traditional) 65 feet
Automobile transporter (stinger-steered) 75 feet
Boat transporter (traditional) 65 feet
Boat transporter (stinger-steered) 75 feet
Boat transporter (truck trailer) 65 feet
Bus or school bus 45 feet
House trailer 40 feet
Saddlemount combination 75 feet
Semi-trailer 53 feet
Trailer in tractor-trailer combination 53 feet
Trailer not in tractor-trailer combination 33 feet
Truck 40 feet

Note: Please refer to 730 C.M.R. 7.06(4) for more detail regarding this regulation. This information is subject to Revisions. Please consult an official version of Code of Massachusetts Regulations for complete information.

Trucking Permits

The Massachusetts Turnpike and the Metropolitan Highway System are primary arteries for trucking companies in Massachusetts. In 1997, trucks accounted for 13 percent of the vehicle miles on the Massachusetts Turnpike and 5 percent of the vehicle miles on the Boston Extension in the Metropolitan Highway System.

In addition to the pilot car requirements as specified in 730 CMR 7.06 (4)(d), an over-size vehicle, with its load, that is higher than 13 feet 6 inches, wider than 12 feet, or longer than 100 feet, or weighing more than 130,000 lbs., must be escorted by a motor vehicle of the Massachusetts State Police. Any vehicle that is longer than 135 feet must be escorted by two motor vehicles of the Massachusetts State Police.

For information on permits and regulations regarding trucking on the MassPike, the Boston Extension and in the Sumner/Callahan and Ted Williams tunnels, call (781) 431-5148; fax, (781) 431-5014. Permits are available at the MassDOT Permits Office, 668 South Avenue, Weston, MA, Monday - Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm. Please note customers needing a permit must be in line by 3:30pm to have permits processed the same day. Payments are accepted by check only - cash and credit cards are not accepted.

Special Hauling Permit

There is no fee for a Special Hauling Permit for vehicles that are under the following restrictions:

  • 12' 0" Wide Load Banner & Flags (see Additional Requirements below)
  • 13' 6" Height
  • 99,000 lbs. Max
  • 100' Long (Up to 80' long no escort is needed, see Additional Requirements below)

If your vehicle exceeds the above restrictions, there is a $350.00 fee for the permit and you may require a State Police escort. A copy of a check payable to MassDOT must accompany the application.

Additional Requirements:

  • Requirements for vehicles over 80' long:
    • One private escort is required for vehicles from 80'1" to 85'
    • Two private escorts are required for vehicles from 85'1" to 100'
  • Requirements for vehicles traveling in the tunnels:
    • Wide Loads from 8'6" to 12' must have private escort(s)

You may download the application for Special Hauling Permit as a PDF (24KB) or a RTF (70KB) file.

Please fax the application to (781) 431-5014 or return the application to:

Department of Transportation
668 South Avenue
Weston, MA 02493
Attn.: Permit Department

Tandem Trailer Trucks

Tandem trailer trucks are allowed on both the MassPike and the Boston Extension. To facilitate the use of tandems, the Turnpike Authority maintains four tandem trailer parking lots between Springfield and Weston:

  • Springfield - located adjacent to Interchange 6 with 35 parking spaces
  • Millbury - located adjacent to Interchange 11 with 16 parking spaces - Advisory: This lot will be closed temporarily, details below.
  • Weston - located just after the Interchange 14 eastbound toll plaza with 19 parking spaces
  • Weston - located just before the Interchange 14 westbound toll plaza with 34 parking spaces

However, no large tandem trailers are allowed past the tandem trailer lot in Weston at Interchange 14.

Small tandem trailers are allowed on the Boston Extension from that point to I-93 in downtown Boston.

No tandem trailers of any size are allowed inside the Sumner/Callahan and Ted Williams tunnels.

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