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Applications for Permits to Access State Highway

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Parties interested in obtaining access to state highway for any reason must complete and submit to MassDOT an Application for Permit to Access State Highway. In addition, any party seeking to construct a trench in the state highway layout must file a Trench Permit Rider to ensure compliance with Department of Public Safety regulations effective March 1, 2009.

MassDOT (MassHighway) issued a new Access Permit Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) in December 2008 to help ensure that the permit process is predictable, timely and uniform. The SOP mirrors the regulations that were codified in late 2007:

A related Traffic Signal Regulation SOP and accompanying Traffic Control Signal Regulation Application has also been developed in conjunction with the Access Permit SOP.

To help expedite the Access Permit and Traffic Signal Regulation process, Applicants are encouraged to review the SOPs and related applications.

Access Permit SOP Appendix and Related Documentation

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