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Bridge Construction Special Provisions

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LRFD Bridge Manual

This page contains links to the most commonly used Bridge Construction Special Provisions. These Special Provisions are intended for downloading as Word files to be used in the preparation of the bridge construction project specifications. Where applicable, instructions are provided in the file on how these Bridge Construction Special Provisions should be modified to make them project specific.

Special Provision Description Issue Date Revision Date
Deck Finishing and Curing 12/14/2017
Elastomeric Bearing Pads 12/14/2017
Exposed Deck Crack Sealing 12/14/2017
Heat Straightening 12/14/2017
Metallizing Structural Steel 12/14/2017
Prestressed Concrete Beams 12/14/2017 4/18/2018
Sawing and Sealing Joints at Bridges 12/14/2017 5/15/2018
Spray Applied Membrane Waterproofing 12/14/2017 4/18/2018
Tubular Steel Trusses 12/14/2017
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