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Process Workflow

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Municipal Project Summary Guide Helping Communities Move Projects Forward
Project Inception Consultant Procurement Environmental, Design and ROW Construction
Project Identification and Need
Project Planning
Project Initiation
Planning and Preparation
Selection Process
Negotiation and Agreement
Managing the Contract
Environmental Process
Design Process
Utility Coordination
Right of Way Process
  • Identify Right of Way Actions
  • Obtain Necessary Right of Way (may require City Council or Town Meeting Approval)
TIP Programming
Advertising and Bidding
  • Advertise Project for Construction
  • Issue Addenda as Needed
  • Bid Opening
  • Municipal Agreement (10% Agreement)
Project Start-Up
  • Construction NTP
  • Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Resident Engineering
Construction Phase Services
  • Coordinate with MassDOT Resident Engineer
  • Engage Designer to:
    • Review Shop Drawings
    • Respond to Request for Information
    • Attend Periodic Site Visits
    • Attend Construction Job Meetings
    • Review Change Orders
Project Completion
  • Final Inspection
  • Construction Close-Out
  • Project Turnover to Municipality
  • Decision Whether to Advance Project
  • Guidance/ Support By MassDOT and MPO to Move Project Forward
  • Possible TIP Year
  • Tentative Project Category
  • Tentative Funding Category
  • Consultant Selection
  • Professional Services Agreement
  • Complete Plans, Specifications and Estimated for the Project
  • All Necessary Environmental Permits and Clearances Obtained
  • All Necessary Right of Way Obtained
  • A Project Ready to be Advertised for Construction
  • Completed Construction Project
  • Satisfied Constituents
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