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Complete Streets

To increase understanding and adoption of a Complete Streets design approach, MassDOT has sponsored a series of workshops on the topic of Complete Streets. The training attendees include municipal public works and planning staff, local elected leaders, professional designers, and MassDOT employees throughout the Commonwealth.

Training on Complete Streets has been developed into two sessions. The first, an introductory training on Complete Streets Training & The Complete Streets Funding Program referred to as the "101." The second, an advanced training on Complete Streets referred to as the "201." Both sessions are offered through Baystate Roads. Baystate Roads is Massachusetts' Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) designed to improve access to highway, road, and street technology for local agencies.

Having a municipal employee attend either a Complete Streets 101 or 201 training session is a prerequisite under Complete Streets Funding Program. A record of attendance will be required as part of the program application process.

  • Complete Streets 101 Introductory Training - This session covers the basic concepts of Complete Streets, emphasizes MassDOT's Project Development & Design Guide, shows some innovative approaches towards Complete Streets, discusses health and economic benefits, and gives and overview of the elements of a Complete Streets Policy and the Complete Streets Funding Program requirements. (3 hours)
  • Complete Streets 201 Advanced Training - This advanced training focuses more on the engineering behind Complete Streets by following in greater detail The Project Development & Design Guide as well as the latest Policy and Engineering Directives. Case studies will be evaluated to discuss options towards the implementation of Complete Streets as well as a field visit to discuss Complete Streets options. (6 hours)

Please visit Baystate Roads' website for training session locations and registration.

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