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Relevant Policy Directives

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Engineering Directives

Number Date Title
P-14-002 09/17/2014 State Highway Access Permits for Murals and Artwork
P-13-004 03/15/2013 Tunnel Inspection and Testing Protocol for Roadways Covered by Air Rights Developments
P-13-003 03/15/2013 Tunnel Inspection and Testing Program
P-13-002 03/15/2013 Bridge and Tunnel Inspection Standards and Procedures
P-13-001 01/29/2013 Policy for Tree Cutting or Landscaping Permit Requests
P-13-0001 09/09/2013 Healthy Transportation Policy Directive
P-10-001 05/17/2010 Project Development and Design Standards and Guidelines
P-06-002 06/26/2006 Massachusetts Highway Department Drainage Connection Policy
P-04-001 10/18/2004 Measures to Combat Driver Fatigue and Enhance Safety - Superseded by E-14-004
P-01-01 12/29/2000 MassHighway Requirements for Blasting Adjacent to State Highways
P-91-5 06/18/1991 Payment for all Underground Electric, Telephone or Cable TV Service Connections that Require Adjustment on Account of the Department's Construction and Maintenance Projects
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