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MassDOT has developed a "Contractor's Schedule Toolkit" to assist the contracting community in meeting the requirements of the 8.02 schedule specification. Please download the attached files for your use on upcoming projects. Questions and comments can be addressed to your DOT Project Manager or Resident Engineer.

Projected Spending Reports (PSR)

How to fill out a PSR:

Be careful not to delete equations contained in the various cells!

  • PSRs shall be submitted monthly as specified in Subsection 722.62.F
  • Type in the name of the Contractor, the Project Name and the job's Location
  • Type in the Project & Contract Numbers and the four dates
  • Create a column for each month of the job. If it doesn't already contain it, copy and paste the equation from Cell J10 above to the top of each column
  • Type in the date of the first month of the job in Cell I10. The remaining dates will adjust automatically.
  • Type in Item Numbers, Item Descriptions, Quantities, Units and Unit Prices. Totals will calculate automatically
  • For the first report, type in monthly projected spending forecasts for each item. PSR Spread, Monthly & Cumulative Values and Monthly & Cumulative percentages will calculate automatically
  • For subsequent reports, type in actuals and re-forecast remaining months

Projected Spending Report Files

Primavera Software Downloads

Primavera 6

Instructions for download and use:

  1. Download and review "ABP CST P6 Narrative and Attachments v1.6.pdf". PDF viewer is required for use.
  2. Download "ABP CST P6 Schedule File v1.6.XER *". Once downloaded, import the schedule file into Primavera 6 (release 7). Within Primavera, select file, then import.
  3. Download the four schedule layout files, here. Once downloaded, import the layout files into Primavera 6 (release 7). Within Primavera, select file, then import.

* Zipped file. You will need to download and unzip the file with the appropriate program before use.

Primavera Project Planner 3.1

Instructions for download and use:

  1. Download and review "ABP CST P3 Narrative and Attachments v1.6.pdf". PDF viewer is required for use.
  2. Download "CT16.prx". Once downloaded, import the schedule file into Primavera Project Planner (release 3.1). Within Primavera, select tools, project utilities, restore. Once restored: select file, open.

The intent of the Contractor Schedule Toolkit (CST) is to assist contractors when creating a baseline schedule submission; primarily eliminating a need to create standardized coding, reporting, formatting and to assist in the general schedule set up only. The activity coding listed in this toolkit is based on current Accelerated Bridge Program requirements. (Statewide Road and Bridge projects may have additional activity code requirements. Please refer to your contract for additional guidance.)

The CST is being provided for informational purposes and is available for use as a schedule development guideline only. The CST may not reflect specific contract requirements. MassDOT does not guarantee the schedule information to be free from errors or inconsistencies, and the presence of such errors or inconsistencies does not relieve the Contractor from preparing schedule submittals in accordance with the Contract requirements and the specific requirements of the Engineer. MassDOT makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the accuracy, reliability, or completeness with respect to the CST or any of the information, services, or related content contained therein for any purpose.

MassDOT assumes no liability or responsibility for any damages (whether incurred directly or indirectly) or loss of any kind that might arise from the use of, misuse of, or the inability to use the information contained in the CST. MassDOT assumes no liability for improper or incorrect use of the CST. In choosing to use this CST, the Contractor expressly agrees that it will not submit any claims as a result of the information furnished herein, or use any of this information in the defense of any claim that the Contractor may choose to submit over the course of any MassDOT Contract.

MassDOT reserves the right to update, remove, or amend any of the information contained in this CST as needed without prior notice. For updates, please refer to the DOT website.

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