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Standard Bid Item Manufacturer Product Name or Model # Product Description FHWA Letter
Qualification Date Qualification Type Remarks
847.1 or 847.2 Allied Tube & Conduit Telespar Square Square Post SS-26 As of 10/22/2012 Full
847.1 or 847.2 Chicago Heights Steel Safety Splice System U-Channel Post w/ Breakaway System SS-77 04/15/2014 Full  
847.1 or 847.2 Franklin Industries Eze-Erect U-Channel Post SS-54 As of 10/22/2012 Full
847.1 or 847.2 Nucor Steel Marion, Inc. RIB-BAK U-Channel Post SS-57A
As of 10/22/2012 Full
* Nucor Steel Marion, Inc. Lap Splice Breakaway System SS-56
As of 10/22/2012 Full
* Nucor Steel Marion, Inc. Slip Safe Breakaway System SS-103
As of 10/22/2012 Full
847.1 or 847.2 S-Square Tube Products Square Post Perforated Square Post SS-63
11/20/2013 Full
* Transpo Industries, Inc. Break-Safe Breakaway System SS-17C
As of 10/22/2012 Provisional Qualified Models: AI6, B525, & B650.
847.0 or 847.2 Trinity Highway Products SQR-LOC Square Post SS-126B
11/16/2016 Full Previously qualified as POZ-LOC from Northwest Pipe Company.
847.1 or 847.2 Ultimate Highway Solutions Ulti-Mate Square Post SS-62
As of 10/22/2012 Full Formerly Western Highway Products.
* Xcessories Squared REDI-TORQUE Model 280 Slip Base SS-134
As of 10/22/2012 Full

*Item shall be included in the cost of the sign support.


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