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Qualification Types

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Qualified Traffic Control Equipment

Upon reviewing a new product application, the Committee may choose to make one of the following recommendations to the State Traffic Engineer:

  • Fully qualify the item. The item will be added to the appropriate section of the QTCE, a letter will be drafted to the product applicant, and it may be used without restriction on all Department projects.
  • Provisionally qualify the item. In this case the product is approved for used with certain restrictions. The item will be added to the appropriate section of the QTCE, a note in the Remarks section will state the limits of its use, a letter will be drafted to the product applicant, and it may be used on all Department projects within the scope of its restrictions.
    • Example: an LED-enhanced sign was submitted and while the Committee feels that this product is beneficial to the traveling public, it is not appropriate for use on State Highway. It may be given Provisional qualification and "For Municipal Use Only" would be added to the Remarks section. This product is still eligible for use on state- and federal-aid projects on locally-owned roads.
  • Experimentally qualify the item. This qualification may be applied under certain conditions including, but not limited: products that may be one of the first of its type in Massachusetts, do not have an extensive record of use in states that have a climate similar to Massachusetts, do not conform to the Department’s Standard Specifications, and/or have maintenance or operational concerns. The item will be added to the appropriate section of the QTCE and a letter will be drafted to the product applicant describing the conditions and terms of the experimental status. Upon completion of the experimental period it will be put back onto the Committee's agenda for a final determination.
    • Example: a passive vehicle detection device that uses a technology or combination of technologies that has not been used previously in Massachusetts has been submitted. The Committee is interested in it, but is concerned with how it will perform during inclement weather. The product may be given Experimental qualification so that it may be installed at a test location for a predetermined duration. Upon completion of the testing period, the results of the test and feedback from District staff are given to the Committee for a final determination.
  • Table the item. Products are typically tabled if additional information is needed before the Committee can make a determination. This information is typically requested from the applicant, their references, and/or District staff. Items that are tabled are immediately added to the subsequent month's agenda.
  • Reject the item. A product may be rejected for one or more reasons, including lack of proper certification, poor performance record, lack of positive references, operational or maintenance concerns, and/or if it does not meet a current need of the Commonwealth. Rejected items must wait at least 12 months before they may be resubmitted, unless otherwise approved by the State Traffic Engineer.
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