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Qualified Traffic Control Equipment

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The Qualified Traffic Control Equipment (QTCE) list is maintained by the Traffic and Safety Engineering Section. Its purpose is to provide Designers, Contractors, municipalities, and MassDOT staff with guidance on traffic control devices, traffic signal components, and other roadway safety products that are acceptable for use on State Highway and other MassDOT projects.

New products may be submitted by completing the appropriate Product Application. All applications are evaluated by the QTCE Committee, which is staffed by members of the Traffic and Safety Engineering Section. Upon completion of the evaluation, the Committee may recommendation one of three Qualification types to the State Traffic Engineer, or recommend that the product be rejected.

Qualified Traffic Control Equipment, by Standard Bid Items

Section 600: Highway Guard, Fences and Walls

Section 800: Traffic Control Devices

*Product acceptance by the Research and Materials Section.

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