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How to Become an Approved Fabricator

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Approved Fabricators

Fabricators are approved for work in the following categories:

  • Major Bridges & Structures
  • Simple Bridges
  • Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication
  • Poles, Signs, Supports, Etc.

Fabricators approved for work in the Major Bridges category are also approved to perform work in the Simple Bridges and Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication categories.

Fabricators of Major Bridge structures, including rolled beams with coverplates, girders, and more complex work, shall meet the requirements of the AISC category, Major Steel Bridges. with the Fracture Critical Endorsement if applicable.

Fabricators of Simple Bridges and miscellaneous steel, which includes rolled beams without coverplates, steel products such as expansion joints, bridge rail, etc, shall meet the requirement of shall meet the requirement of AISC category Simple Bridges.

Fabricators of poles and sign supports must meet the requirements of AISC category Simple Steel Bridges.

Fabrication of any fracture critical material requires the fracture critical endorsement.

Application of coatings on surfaces over 1,500 square feet (140 m2) requires the sophisticated paint endorsement or SSPC QP3 certification.

A List of Approved Fabricators may be obtained from the MassDOT website.

Fabricators wishing to be approved by the Department must submit the following:

  1. A description of the facility including:
    • History
    • Capacity
    • Equipment
  2. The Fabricator's Quality Systems Manual
  3. A Table of Organization
  4. Representative samples of Welding Procedure Specifications and Welding Procedure Qualification Test Records
  5. Representative samples of Welder and Welder Operator Qualification Test Records
  6. Resumes of supervisory personnel and the resumes of all personnel involved with quality assurance, quality control & testing
  7. A copy of the American Institute of Steel Construction Quality Program Certificate
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