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Provided in the table below is the MassDOT Qualified Construction Materials List (QCML) for 2017 Approved Cement Concrete Producer Mix Designs. The "Approval Letter ID No." is a unique identifier used to represent the Producer’s Approved Mix Designs for a given RMS 043 Mix Design Sheet, which is located on both the Producer’s Mix Design Sheet and Approval Letter. Contractors seeking to perform work for MassDOT Highway Division projects shall select MassDOT Approved Mix Designs from the table provided below. Contractors may obtain a copy of the Cement Concrete Producers’ MassDOT Approval Letter(s) and Mix Design(s) by contacting the Producer “Contact Person” provided, and by referencing the “Approval Letter ID No.”.

The Approved Mix Designs used for MassDOT Highway Division projects expire on April 15, 2018. Mix designs (whether previously approved or new) shall be submitted by the Producer on an annual basis on the latest MassDOT RMS 043 Cement Concrete Producer Mix Design Sheet, prior to January 1 of the following year.

Plant Location Approval Letter ID Number Contact Name Title
Berkshire Concrete(Unistress) Pittsfield, MA 17-01-09-15-41-06 Jeff Zochi Quality Control Manager
Blakeslee Prestress Branford, CT 17-01-06-07-44-48 James J. Fitzgerald Q.C. Manager
J. P. Carrara & Sons Middlebury, VT 16-12-20-09-11-59 P.J. Carrara General Manager
Oldcastle Precast Rehoboth, MA 17-01-04-08-52-17 Robert Faria Quality Control Manager
Oldcastle Precast Rehoboth, MA 17-06-19-12-25-12 Robert Faria Quality Control Manager
United Concrete Yalesville, CT 17-03-01-10-36-28 Mike Laposky Plant Manager
W E Dailey Inc. Shaftsbury, VT 16-12-20-16-47-52 George Woodworth Quality Control Manager
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