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Snow & Ice

How to become a MassDOT Snow & Ice Vendor

MassDOT employs contractors for the spreading of deicing materials and snow removal. Each Highway District is responsible for assigning the necessary equipment based on the needs of the depot and area. Most Districts require that the equipment is of significant size to be effective. In addition, the Highway Division prefers larger snow plows for the interstate roads.

If you are interested in becoming a contractor for our winter operations please download the Control Agreement from this website including all the attachments. Be sure to complete the Equipment List and Signature Page. Mail the entire agreement, including original signature page, to the District in which you would like to provide services. Please review the District Boundaries to determine the appropriate District and mailing address. Once it is determined that a contractor's services are needed the District will contact applicants.

MassDOT's goal is to pay contractors in a timely manner. In the event that Contractors are not paid within 45 days, a request for interest may be sent to the District Highway Director in the District that services have been provided. (See Late Payment Interest Rate)

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