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Research & Materials


The Administration unit is comprised of a staff responsible for materials management led by the Director of Research and Materials, Mr. John E. Grieco, P.E. and Deputy Director, Mr. Clement W. Fung, P.E. The administration support staff work together with all the units within Research and Materials to facilitate relationships with other MassDOT sections, MassDOT construction project personnel, District materials personnel, contractors, and consultants as it relates to MassDOT’s projects materials management responsibilities.

The Laboratory Receiving Unit administers the identification and logging of all incoming materials samples for testing. All materials test cards are date stamped, samples are marked for proper identification and delivered to the laboratory units for testing.

Technical Services

The Technical Services Unit is responsible for new products evaluation. Through a cooperative effort with the laboratory, the unit reviews, tests and incorporates new products into projects. They are responsible for maintaining the Qualified Construction Materials Lists.

Field Materials Control

The Field Materials Control Unit is involved in all aspects of materials inspection, sampling and testing at the producers or fabrication facilities. They are responsible for the Independent Assurance program as required under the Federal Regulations to evaluate the Department and Contractor personnel on their sampling and testing procedures and their testing equipment. This is necessary to provide an independent check to assure that job control sampling and testing are performed correctly and reliable test results can be used for proper materials control.

The Field Materials Control Documentation Unit maintains all project test records, plant inspection reports, materials certificates and approval for project closeout certification. They maintain a database with pertinent test results and project materials information.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Unit administers the Laboratory Quality System for AASHTO accreditation. The review and approval of Quality System Manuals for District laboratories is also handled by this unit. They provide assistance to the six District Quality Assurance Engineers to ensure quality measures are upheld on construction projects. They oversee a web-based shared data collection site evaluating all testing results for the quality analysis of HMA on statewide construction projects. The responsibility of the annual Proficiency Testing Program administered throughout the Districts to evaluate each laboratory’s testing methods is handled by the Quality Assurance Unit. This unit is also responsible for the Annual Producer Laboratory Certification Program which is necessary to assure quality measures are upheld at all MassDOT approved HMA producers’ laboratories.


The Research and Materials Laboratory serves as the MassDOT Highway Division Central Laboratory and performs acceptance testing for the construction projects.

  • Concrete - cement concrete, cement, flyash, slag and microsilica.
  • Soils and Aggregates - gravel, embankment materials, loam, coarse and fine aggregates.
  • Asphalt Binder - PG asphalt binder, emulsions.
  • Hot Mix Asphalt - hot mix asphalt.
  • Chemical - paint, thermoplastics, sealants, pipes.
  • Physical - glass beads, bridge bearings, bricks, concrete blocks, reinforcing steel.
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