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Research & Materials

To have a product(s) evaluated for inclusion in MassDOT Highway Division's "Qualified Construction Materials List" the following steps are required:


We recommend that you obtain both the specification book and relevant test method(s) to verify that your product(s) meet our requirements prior to submitting any information.

The specification book and supplements are available as PDF documents from the Manuals, Publications and Forms page.

Cashier's Office
MassDOT Highway Division
10 Park Plaza, Room 6260
Boston MA 02116-3973
(857) 368-3400


The following information must be forwarded to the Research and Materials Section at the address below on a NEW PRODUCT EVALUATION APPLICATION and, if appropriate, an IMPACT ATTENUATOR/GUARD RAIL END TREATMENT NEW PRODUCT EVALUATION APPLICATION. No samples should be included with the initial submission of product information. If a sample is required it will be requested by MassDOT Highway Division after the product information has been reviewed.

  1. Product name
  2. Supplier name and address
  3. Contact person (name and phone number)
  4. Manufacturer name (when different than supplier name)
  5. Address(es) of actual manufacturing location(s) which will supply MassDOT Highway Division
  6. Applicable MassDOT Highway Division specification number
  7. Product data sheet
  8. Material Safety Data Sheet
  9. Product Label (if used)
  10. Supporting test data from an independent lab relevant to MassDOT Highway Division specifications and test methods.
  11. Approvals for use by other states.

Submit completed Application with supporting data to:

John Grieco, P.E.
Director of Research & Materials
MassDOT Highway Division
5 Macadam Road
Hopkinton, MA, 01748


Once a product has been evaluated by MassDOT Highway Division and found not to be in compliance with MassDOT Highway Division specification requirements, it is our policy not to re-evaluate that product. If, however, it can be documented that subsequent changes have been made to the product, which bring it into compliance with MassDOT Highway Division specification requirements, that product may be reconsidered for evaluation. This documentation must include the following:

  • A statement briefly describing what changes were made to the product.
  • Actual test results confirming that the modified product is in compliance with MassDOT Highway Division specification requirements.

These documents must be signed by a person who will legally bind the company indicated by a statement or title of their position in the company.


If there are any questions regarding this process, you may contact Mr. Clement Fung by phone at (857) 368 3412 or by e-mail at or contact Mr. Nick Antoniadis by phone at (857) 368-3418 or by e-mail at

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