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Research & Materials

The Research and Materials Section of the MassDOT Highway Division is responsible for the testing of products, and the approval of products, to assure that materials incorporated into MassDOT Highway Division construction projects are in conformance with the plans and specifications.

The facility participates in the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Accreditation Program. The laboratory meets strict organization, personnel, equipment and testing proficiency requirements. The facility performs testing in the following lab areas Concrete; Soils and Aggregates; Asphalt Binder; Hot Mix Asphalt; Chemical; and Physical (Standard Manufactured Materials). The unit is comprised of a staff of engineers, chemists, and technicians that perform the necessary testing and documentation to ensure the quality of the products that are utilized on MassDOT Highway Division's construction projects.

The facility is responsible for the acceptance testing for more than 500 ongoing construction projects at any given time. In addition to products testing it also administers proficiency testing for the District Labs. Research and Materials also evaluates the performance of the sampling and testing for District staff and testing equipment under the Independent Assurance Program.

The Research and Materials Section is comprised of the following units and associated responsibilities:

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