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In order to ensure accurate and complete information, the MassDOT Plans & Records Office is responsible for the maintenance of historical and current engineering plans, and related documents. In conjunction with maintaining documents, our goal is to assist MassDOT personnel, contractors, engineering consultants, municipalities, public agencies, private companies and the general public in obtaining the information that they need.

Current Projects
  • Image Library
    The MassDOT Plans & Records Office for the past 13 years has been concentrating on scanning engineering plans into an organized image library. As of August 2012 the shared library consists of more than 400,000 images dating from current back to the late 1800s. On a daily basis all six district offices and Boston HQ are utilizing the system to obtain images via the intranet. Previously this was a time consuming process.
  • CD Production
    Since Mid-2008, Plans and Records has been providing free of charge to Contractors a cd with everything that is essential for them to place bids for all MassDOT projects. This has eliminated the copying and distribution of paper plans and spec books which is an enormous savings to the State.
  • Maintaining Comm-PASS
    Since 2004, Plans and Records has been maintaining the Comm-PASS database for MassDOT construction projects. Newly advertised projects are entered and updated as needed during the bid process. Comm-PASS consists of project specifications, bidders list and award information.
  • Reference Books
    MassDOT Plans and Records is the central location for reference books still in print. Previously reference books in print were kept in 4 separate locations. For a list of MassDOT reference books as well as links for downloading go to: Manuals, Publications & Forms.

Requests for information can be made by e-mail, phone, fax, or mail.

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