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Outdoor Advertising Interactive Map

The National Highway System (NHS) Road Inventory Map was developed by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation's (MassDOT) Planning Department. Please note that all off-premise outdoor advertising displays within view of any public way require a permit from the Office of Outdoor Advertising (OOA).

The roadways highlighted on this map are "Federally Controlled Routes" meaning they are under federal outdoor advertising control and therefore subject to the Federal/State Highway Agreement of 1971. All off-premise advertising within view of any public way including "Federally Controlled Routes" are required to conform to the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR.) The following roads are NHS Roadways: NHS Interstate, NHS Terminal Connector, NHS STRAHNET Connector, NHS Other Road (including urban and rural principal arterial routes). Scenic By-Ways and other Non-NHS roadways are also included. This map is inclusive of the roads identified on the June 1, 1991 Federal-aid Primary System Map. The NHS Road Inventory Map was most recently updated on October 1, 2012. The total “Centerline” mileage in Massachusetts is 2969.35 miles. This map has been confirmed by FHWA to include all roadways that the OOA should consider to be under FHWA control.

This "Interactive Map" is able to perform search queries for all active OOA permitted signs by: sign type, permit holder, and municipality. Signs may also be looked up by address or via a search by OOA permit number. The OOA inventory and GPS coordinates provided on this map are believed to be accurate and are intended to provide the public with up-to-date information. Images may be viewed via the MassDOT NHS Roadway Map or by Google Satellite. Please note that the data provided on this map is for informational purposes only. You may contact the OOA for any official records.

Please refer to the "Legend" for a distinction of road and sign types as well as sign free areas. Also, in order to view Google satellite imagery you need to have Google Earth installed on your computer. To install Google Earth visit:

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