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Selected Direct Payment Rulings

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Administrative Law Judge

Selected direct payment rulings may be read by clicking on the links that follow. The rulings are generally indexed by Procedural and Substantive subjects of interest. Persons interested in filing direct payment demands may find the full text of rulings made on both procedural and substantive grounds.

Sub-Contractor Contractor Contract Subject Ruling
Aggregate Roads 32082 materialman; statement of completion Dismissed
Algar Roads 31327 mailing; sworn statement Denied
Algar Roads 99042 retainage Allowed
Aulson Roads 32116 sworn statement; detailed breakdown of balance Denied
Barker Franchi 34485 materialman; statement of completion Denied
Barrile S&R Corp. 34001 sworn statement; detailed breakdown of balance Denied
Concrete Cutting Modern Continental 96410 mailing; detailed statement Denied
Cook Roads 30157 mailing; sworn statement, detailed breakdown Denied
Fishbach Walsh 30100 sworn statement Denied
Hanover Roads 32166 materialman; detailed breakdown of balance due Denied
HUB Foundations Roads 31080 retainage Allowed
PJ Keating Roads 33134 mailing; detailed breakdown of balance due Denied
L&C Flashing Honeywell 99255 claim Denied
Don Martin Roads 31285 retainage; extra work (MHD approved) Allowed
Northern Tree Franchi 33311 mailing; detailed breakdown of balance due Denied
PT Corp Modern Continental 32153 statement of completion; detailed breakdown Denied
RevLyn Roads 32166 extra work (MHD approved); retainage; backcharge Approve
Rusco/Regis SIWP 97298 claims; extra work (MHD approved); joint account Denied
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