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Administrative Law Judge

A contractor aggrieved by a final written decision of the department Engineer may appeal in writing to the ALJ, who holds a hearing and then writes a report and recommends a decision to the Secretary. The procedure to be followed in making appeals to the ALJ is set forth in the Standard Provisions for Highways and Bridges at Subsection 7.16.

The majority of appeals before the ALJ involve road and bridge contract disputes as, for example, contractor claims for additional payment due for extra work, alterations in the work, changed conditions, increased or decreased quantities and the like. Appeals may also arise from contractor petitions to the MassDOT Highway Division Administrator to favorably exercise her discretion-for example, to allow an equitable adjustment in the contract price for costs of delay not the fault of the contractor.

The following list of approved contract appeal decisions is indexed by contractor, contract number, subject matter, disposition and date. The full text of each decision may be seen by clicking on the disposition.

Claimant Contract No. Claim Disposition Year
MIG Corporation 72259 Safety Controls Dispute Allowed 2017
MIG Corporation 68187 Specification Dispute Denied 2017
W. J. Mountford Co. 74817 Delay Denied 2016
MIG Corporation 72123 Force Account work
Allowed/Denied in part 2016
Middlesex Corporation 68152 Specification Dispute
Denied 2016
P. Gioioso & Sons 73891 Specification Dispute Denied 2015
S & R Corporation 44341 Report to Secretary Allowed

Cover Letter
B&E Construction Corporation 34574 Delay Dismissed 2011
AGM Marine Contractors, Inc. 98453 Delay Denied 2011
N.E.L. Inc. 38741 Emergency Repairs Denied 2010
J. Tropeano, Inc. 33279 Unforseen site Condition Dismissed 2010
Electrical Contractors, Inc. 32137 Delay Dismissed 2010
N.E.L. Inc 39741 Specification dispute Denied 2009
J. Tropeano, Inc. 33279 Specification dispute Dismissed 2009
Gardner Engineering, Inc. 32160 Specification dispute Allowed 2007
Tilcon Capaldi, Inc. 31089 Extra work Denied 2007
David Krutiak Construction, Inc. N/A Relocation damages Allowed in part 2007
Fiore Construction Co., Inc. 30040 Specification dispute Denied 2007
Todesca Equipment Co. 89123 Final quantity Dismissed 2006
Modern Continental Construction 33157 Parallel Claim in Court Dismissed 2006
L.A.L.Construction Inc. 99231 Extra work Denied in part 2006
A.R. Belli 32088 “As equal” material Denied 2006
Middlesex Corp. 98182 Specification dispute Allowed 2006
Middlesex Corp. 99121 Specification dispute Allowed 2006
Derbes Brothers, Inc. 98204 Final quantity Adjustment Denied 2006
Baltazar Contractors, Inc. 31055 Specification dispute Allowed 2006
A.F. Amorello & Sons 32067 Specification dispute Denied 2006
Kinoo, Inc. 96159 Parallel claim Dismissed 2005
North American Bridge Corp. 97187 Liquidated damages Set aside 2005
McCourt Construction, Inc. 95284 Payment dispute Allowed 2005
Angelo Todesca Corp 93286 Final quantity Adjustment Denied 2005
Renz Painting, Inc. 97426 Parallel claim in court Dismissed Dismissed 2005
Renz Painting, Inc. 97425 Parallel claim in Court Dismissed 2005
Renz Painting, Inc. 97424 Parallel claim in Court Dismissed 2005
Renz Painting, Inc. 97421 Parallel claim in Court Dismissed 2005
RDA Construction, Corp 96286 Final quantity Adjustment Allowed 2005
Daniel O’Connell’s Sons 93477 Moot Dismissed 2005
Northern Construction Co. 31165 Extra work Denied 2005
Lawrence-Lynch Corp. 98402 Extra work Allowed 2005
HNTB Consultants, Inc. 92670 Moot Dismissed 2005
Derbes Brothers, Inc. 98035 Final Quantity Adjustment Denied 2005
DeLucca Fence Co., Inc. 32047 Guardrail Dismissed 2005
Bardon Trimount, Inc 99080 Payment Allowed 2005
AGM Marine Contractors 98032 Extra work Allowed 2005
Bardon Trimount, Inc. 93174 Final quantity adjustment Allowed 2005
SPS New England, Inc 99118 Extra work Denied 2005
B& E Construction Corp. 98442 Extra work Denied 2005
Bardon Trimount, Inc. 97071 Extra work Denied 2005
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