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Layout and Easement Plans CADD Standards

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MassDOT CAD Standards must be followed for the preparation of State Highway Layouts, Layout Alterations, Layout Discontinuances, Layout Abandonments, Sales and Leases of MassDOT owned land, Drainage takings, easements associated with MassDOT roadways, and combinations thereof.

MassDOT Projects related to City and Town roadways may also require Layout and Easement plans to be prepared according to MassDOT Standards.

Consultants preparing Layout or Easement plans for projects funded, managed, or constructed by MassDOT shall do so according to MassDOT CAD Standards as a supplement to the MassDOT Project Development and Design Guide Chapter 18 - Plans, Specifications, and Cost Estimates.

The consultant must be prequalified in MassDOT A and E Board's "S3- Layout Document Preparation" category.

For more information visit: A and E prequalification web page.

Layout plans and Easement plans are drawn on 16 inch by 36 inch mylar sheets at a scale of 1" = 20' or 1" = 40'.

MassDOT CAD Standards have been developed for MassDOT plan preparation. All CAD files produced for MassDOT must conform to these MassDOT CAD Standards.

For Layout and Easement plan preparation, utilize MassDOT Layout Plan Guidelines as a supplement to the MassDOT CAD Standard.

The MassDOT Project Development and Design Guide and Baseplan Standards can be found at the following locations:

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