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Geotechnical Section

The Design/Review Unit is a specialized Section whose work is an integral part of the Plans, Specifications and cost Estimates (P.S.&E.) process:

Project Planning

  • Assess the scope and cost of substructure alternatives for the type study report.
  • Review Geotechnical Consultant job work-hours and cost estimates.

Project Design

  • Conduct geotechnical explorations.
  • Prepare in-house geotechnical reports for bridge foundations, highway embankments, rock cuts, slope stabilization and construction over unsuitable soils. The Geotechnical Report establishes a baseline understanding of geotechnical behavior and conditions for the construction of these transportation elements.

Project Review

  • Review geotechnical reports, design recommendations and construction procedures concerning transportation structures. Ensure the plans reflect the geotechnical constraints and recommendations in the geotechnical report, and can be bid and built.
  • Respond to FHWA comments on geotechnical aspects of the Department projects in order to get approval for project PS&E.


  • Provide support to the Resident Engineer during construction of projects to resolve geotechnical issues.
  • Review significant features exposed during construction to compare actual conditions to those anticipated by the design.
  • Provide corrective and remedial measures to construction issues and claims.


Review permits involving blasting, pipe jacking, trenching, and directional drilling or other earthwork within or near the highways to assist Permits personnel in mitigating distress to highway infrastructure.


Functions as a technical representative for geotechnical research.

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