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Brightman Street Bridge - Fall River/SomersetConstruction is responsible for the overall management of all aspects of the MassDOT Highway Division construction program to ensure that all construction complies with the Highway Division plans and specifications and to ensure that construction proceeds safely and in accordance with established schedules and budgets.

The Construction Section includes a Boston Construction Office, Construction Departments in each of the six District offices, the Construction Contracts Unit, the Design/Build Unit and the Research and Materials Laboratory. The Construction Department statewide is managed through the Boston Construction Office, headed by Deputy Chief Engineer for Construction.

The Construction Office in each of the six Districts is headed by a District Construction Engineer, supported by Assistant Construction Engineers, Area Engineers, Resident Engineers and Field Engineers. These individuals have direct responsibility for monitoring construction on-site, day-to-day to ensure that construction proceeds safely and in accordance with established schedules and budgets.

Construction Management in the Boston office handles all technical issues related to Highway Division construction including advertising, opening and evaluating bids, recommending contract awards, processing contract modifications and coordinating responses to technical questions that arise during construction. Construction Management is staffed by the State Construction Engineer and Area Construction Engineers for each District.

The Boston Construction office handles the processing of all financial paperwork for construction contracts including funding appropriations, fiscal tracking for spending, extra work order funding and processing of contractor pay estimates.

The Design/Build unit oversees all design/build projects once the projects reach 25% design completion and have been advertised. From that point the unit handles all aspects of the project from Letters of Interest, Request for Qualifications, short listing of qualified design/build teams and release of the Request for Proposals through final selection of the design/build team. The D/B manager says involved with the project up through of the completion of the design into final construction.

The Research & Materials Laboratory serves as the central lab for the Highway Division. They establish policy and procedures for the all District labs to follow. R&M is responsible for maintaining the Qualified Products List (QPL) for the Highway Division of all products used on MassDOT construction and maintenance projects. The lab is overseen by the Director of Research and Materials and has overall authority to certifying materials closeout of all MassDOT projects.

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