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The GreenDOT Report 2014 Status Update


In December of 2014, the GreenDOT Report: 2014 Status Update was released. This document includes information on the implementation, progress, performance management, and communications of the GreenDOT Policy.


GreenDOT: MassDOT's Comprehensive Sustainability Initiative

The GreenDOT Policy is MassDOT’s comprehensive environmental responsibility and sustainability initiative, which entails integrating sustainability principles into all aspects of the way that MassDOT plans, designs, builds, and operates our state transportation system. On June 2, 2010, MassDOT launched the GreenDOT Policy Directive, outlining the guiding vision for GreenDOT:

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will be a national leader in promoting sustainability in the transportation sector. Through the full range of our activities, from strategic planning to construction and system operations, MassDOT will promote sustainable economic development, protect the natural environment, and enhance the quality of life for all of the Commonwealth’s residents and visitors. This will enable MassDOT to use resources in a manner that serves its existing customers while preserving our resources for future generations.

GreenDOT Background

The GreenDOT Policy has been developed in response to several state laws and policies aimed at promoting sustainability. The GreenDOT Policy is guided by three primary goals, with corresponding state laws and policies.


Following the 2010 GreenDOT Policy Directive, MassDOT worked to identify specific action steps for embedding the sustainability vision of GreenDOT into the core business practices of MassDOT. These actions are reflected in the December 2012 GreenDOT Implementation Plan.

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