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For Immediate Release: 01/19/2012
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MassDOT Announces Reimbursement for Falmouth for Tropical Storm Irene Repairs

BOSTON - The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) today announced that President Obama's Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is issuing federal funding to pay for repairs in Falmouth in the wake of damage caused by Tropical Storm Irene on August 26, 2011.  

The reimbursement to Falmouth totals $300,000 for shoulder and sidewalk repairs on Menauhant Road.

“Irene packed a wallop for our state, and it still shows in the damage to our roads, bridges, and infrastructure. You don't bounce back from that kind of severe weather on the cheap, and this money will double down on critical rebuilding efforts to get Falmouth back on track, said U.S. Senator John Kerry.

“I’m thankful that Falmouth will be reimbursed for much needed repairs made after Hurricane Irene came through,” said U.S. Senator Scott Brown. “This will go a long way to easing a major expense that the community faced.”

The Falmouth reimbursement is covered by one of two federal highway awards funding emergency repairs for damage caused by the tornados that hit the central and western parts of Massachusetts on June 1, 2011, and Tropical Storm Irene on August 26, 2011. These funds are in addition to reimbursements announced last month in Franklin, Berkshire and Bristol counties.

“We are pleased to reimburse communities such as Falmouth for the cost of making these necessary repairs and thank the Obama Administration and members of our Congressional delegation for their support and recognition of the great need in these emergency circumstances,” said MassDOT CEO and Secretary Richard A. Davey. 

“Tropical Storm Irene caused significant damage to communities across the Commonwealth and many towns, including Falmouth, are dealing with unexpected expenses as they work to rebuild,” said Senate President Therese Murray. “Menauhant Road was severely damaged by the storm and it has been a major inconvenience to residents who live and work in the area. I am happy to see that Falmouth is included in the grant funds so the town can make the necessary repairs.”

"I am pleased that Falmouth has received reimbursement approval for repairs to Menauhant Road from the Federal Highway Administration through MassDOT," said Rep. David Vieira. "When Falmouth was not eligible for these repairs from FEMA after Hurricane Irene, DPW Director Ray Jack stayed the course and was able to secure these vital funds for the East Falmouth project. I hope to see the project begin before the summer season." 

“These funds will certainly help the town compensate for some of these unforeseen expenses which have greatly impacted an already stressed budget due to the current economic climate," said Rep. Timothy R. Madden.

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