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Casey Overpass Project

Existing Conditions: Traffic Highlights

Transportation Study Overview:

  • Comprehensive study underway assessing vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit operations.
  • Extensive study area includes 17 intersections. (11 signalized & 6 unsignalized)
  • Accident data has been collected for each of the study area intersections for the most recent three year period. (2006-2008)
  • Data collection includes 11 hour volumes covering daily peak periods for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles.
  • Origin and destination information has been collected for the Casey Overpass
  • The project team is working closely with the Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS) to develop models for use in alternatives evaluation.

 Data Collection:

  • Traffic count data: Manual turning movement counts (MTMCs) were collected in June of 2010 and seven-day automatic traffic recordings (ATRs) were collected in June of 2010. The count data was adjusted for seasonal variation.
  • License Plate Data on Casey Overpass and at 5 parking lots was collected in November of 2010 and is being used to identify vehicle origins.

Existing Traffic Volumes Facts:

Next Steps:

  • In conjunction with CTPS, the project team is developing projections for future traffic volumes (2030) for the study area roadways, taking into account regional population and employment projections along with specific development proposals in the area of the Casey Overpass
  • Future volumes (vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle) will be applied to the existing infrastructure and the build alternatives that are developed for this project


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