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Casey Overpass Project

Upcoming Work

3-Week Look-Ahead: June 13th to July 1st, 2016

During all three weeks covered by this look-ahead, the following activities will take place:

  • Installation of structural steel for the Upper Busway at Forest Hills Station
  • Installation of drainage for the new alignment of the Arborway in the space formerly occupied by the overpass west (towards the Arboretum) of South Street
  • Eversource will perform duct bank and utility pole relocation along Morton Street east (towards Blue Hill Avenue) of Shea Circle and at the base of Orchardhill Road
  • Work will take place on Morton Street east (towards Blue Hill Avenue) of Shea Circle
  • Work will take place on Morton Street east (towards Blue Hill Avenue) of Shea Circle to install drainage and construct the new Aborway’s permanent alignment
  • The frontage road connecting to Shea Circle in front of the Arborway Gardens condominium complex will be widened.

During the week of June 13th, the new alignment of the Arborway between Washington Street and the Route 39 bus turnaround loop will be dense and fine graded and Verizon will complete adjustment of their infrastructure at the bottom of Orchardhill Road.

During the week of June 27th, work on the MWRA water line will take place in the area formerly occupied by the overpass west (towards the Arboretum) of South Street.

Work will not place on Monday, July 4th in recognition of Independence Day.

All work is subject to weather conditions.

For your safety:

Motorists: are reminded to reduce speed, pay close attention to all signals, pavement markings, signage and directions from police details. In particular:

  • Yield to pedestrians on turns. This is particularly important at the intersection of New Washington Street/South Street where some motorists have been observed disregarding clearly visible signage.
  • Please do not block the box at intersections. If you cannot clear the intersection on its opposite side, do not proceed until there is space for you to do so.
  • Please do not turn onto Martinwood Road from South Street as a way to access Washington Street. Making this movement requires you to pass through two Do Not Enter signs. Doing so is both illegal and dangerous.
  • Please do not take a left turn at the bottom of the eastbound off-ramp to South Street. This ramp is now right turn only from both lanes. This condition has been and will be enforced by State Police.
  • Motorists with destinations on Hyde Park Avenue, Washington Street north of Forest Hills or east of Franklin Park are reminded to bear left on the Arborway east of Murray Circle to access the eastbound temporary roadway. Please do not exit to the right at the end of the Arborway unless you are bound for Forest Hills Station, Roslindale Square or points south on Washington Street. Making a loop around Forest Hills Station to go east to Shea Circle takes longer and is counterproductive to the successful operation of the temporary traffic set-up.
  • Likewise, motorists seeking to access Shea Circle and points east should remain on the mainline Arborway. Using the Arborway Carriage Road to go east to Shea Circle ultimately takes longer and is counterproductive to the successful operation of the temporary traffic set-up.

Pedestrians: are reminded to please cross only at designated crosswalks. Any crosswalk which has been temporarily removed has been taken out for your safety. This applies particularly to the former crosswalk at the South Street end of New Washington Street and the former crosswalk on South Street at the Route 39 bus driveway. Pedestrian routing diagrams have been made available to WalkBoston, Livable Streets, were shared at the May public information meeting, and are posted in Forest Hills Station. To receive a routing diagram, please contact

Cyclists: are reminded that when passing over the connections between the Southwest Corridor Path and Washington Street or South Street, cyclists should reduce speed and watch for pedestrians as these are shared pathways. Cyclists may occupy the full lane within the work zone, but must obey all signage and signals.

About This Project

View information detailing this project on our About the Project page.

Project Schedule

Original Dates:

  • October 2016 – Full Beneficial Use
  • November 2016 – Completion Date

NTP Amended Dates: Due to the historic winter on 2015

  • December 2016 – Full Beneficial Use
  • February 2017 – Projected Completion Date

Upcoming Meetings

Construction Meeting #4
June 29th, 2016
6:30PM to 8:30PM

Boston English High School Auditorium
144 McBride Street, Jamaica Plain

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