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Casey Overpass Project

Future Traffic Methodology

Future 2035 Traffic Volume Facts:

  • Future 2035 traffic volume projections assume no change to local roadway infrastructure and are intended for initial planning use only. Updated volume projections will be developed for the individual design alternatives.
  • Future 2035 traffic volumes have been projected using the CTPS regional model and incorporating specific local development parcels identified by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and total.
  • The initial projections for the year 2035 show an approximately 5% increase in traffic volume on the Casey Overpass and an average increase of approximately 14% for traffic volumes on the local surface roadways, assuming no change to the Overpass or the local roadway network.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle volumes are initially shown to grow by 13%.
  • Transit usage is projected to increase by 10%.
  • 2035 Traffic Volume Graphics (pdf)


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