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** The input period for the Massachusetts Statewide Airport System Plan pilot survey is now closed. **

Massachusetts' system of public-use airports is a critical transportation infrastructure resource for the Commonwealth and the region. This fact is well understood and appreciated by the pilots that regularly utilize them. As such, the MassDOT Aeronautics Division asked for the help of area pilots in conducting the Statewide Airport System Plan by providing accurate and complete information in filling out a pilot survey. Completion of the survey helps MassDOT recognize and understand the needs of pilots, as well as the usage patterns of airports within the state system. (Note that the surveys were completed anonymously and that the information provided is aggregated with all other respondents in the Commonwealth.)

Pilot feedback is vital for the future planning of Massachusetts' airports, so thank you to all the area pilots who completed the online survey. The survey input period closed on February 27, 2010, but please check back to this website to learn more about the progress of the Massachusetts Statewide Airport System Plan.

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