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Statewide Airport System Plan

** The Airport Inventory and Data Survey has been completed. **

The airport inventory and data collection task is a critical element of the Massachusetts Statewide Airport System Plan (MSASP) since the data collected will not only be used to support this airport system plan, but will also help the MassDOT Aeronautics Division to easily identify, document, and understand its current and planned airport system assets. Specifically, the inventory survey effort conducted as part the MSASP will entail the collection of all relevant airport data through research of existing databases, personal interviews, and visits to each of Massachusetts public use airports. Data to be collected generally encompasses the following:

  • General airport information
  • Airside facilities
  • Landside facilities
  • Environmental considerations
  • Airport operational and service levels
  • Airport outreach and education
  • Local airport-related business activities
  • Airport pavement conditions

The results of this data collection effort will form the foundation of all subsequent tasks within the MSASP, including the system goals and performance measures established by the Aeronautics Division and the Project Management Team (PMT), as well as airport roles, role factors, facility requirements, among other elements. Of additional benefit to Massachusetts, the results of this effort will also be used as a data reservoir for future anticipated planning initiatives within the Commonwealth.

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