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Haverhill/West Newbury Bridge Rehabilitation

Rocks Village Bridge

The Rocks Village Bridge project at the Haverhill/West Newbury line is moving forward with the bridge to be closed for approximately 15 months.

The bridge closed on Monday, June 18th and will remain closed through August, 2013.

The historic Rocks Village Bridge carrying Main Street over the Merrimack River is being rehabilitated, including repair or replacement of the moveable bridge components and replacement of the bridge deck and portions of the steel superstructure.

The $14.1 million project is funded through the Patrick-Murray Administration’s Accelerated Bridge Program to repair structurally-deficient bridges across the Commonwealth. The project is expected to be completed by fall 2013.


RMV License Plate Lottery Applications

license Plate MassDOT announced that the Registry of Motor Vehicles Division is now accepting applications for the 2012 Low Number License Plate Lottery.

“The Registry expects to receive thousands of applications for this year’s annual lottery,” said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Rachel Kaprielian. “The passion for low number plates we see from our customers and lottery entrants makes this a fun tradition.”

Applicants in this year's drawing will be vying for 124 of the most sought after Massachusetts license plates, including plate numbers 73, 295, 449, 493, 7755, and 1Z.

“Registrar Kaprielian works tirelessly to remind customers of the transactions available at the RMV’s online branch,” said MassDOT Secretary and CEO Richard A. Davey. “I encourage customers to take this opportunity to log onto the website, learn about the transactions that can be performed online and to complete a lottery application.”

In addition to the application being available at, customers may visit any branch to obtain an application. All entries must be mailed and postmarked by August 13, 2012.

The date, time and location of the September drawing will be announced on the Registry's website and will occur prior to September 15, 2012.

Only one entry per applicant. Postcard entries will not be accepted. Winners who do not register their vehicle with their winning lottery plate by December 31, 2012 will automatically forfeit their plate. All forfeited plates will be offered to a list of 25 alternate winners who will be chosen at the drawing.

Boston Symphony Sponsors Free Tolls Friday

bridge constructionMassDOT Secretary and CEO Richard A. Davey announced that tolls for both eastbound and westbound drivers at the Allston/Brighton toll plaza (Interchange 19) on the Massachusetts Turnpike will be free for travelers this evening, Friday, June 22, 5:00-6:00 p.m., thanks to a partnership with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in celebration of Tanglewood’s 75th Anniversary Season.

The BSO will pay the cash and E-ZPass (FastLane) tolls recorded for the hour from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Massachusetts E-ZPass customers will see a credit and message from BSO and Tanglewood on their next statement.

Drivers must still stop at the tollbooth or go through the E-ZPass/FastLane lanes with their transponders. The BSO is covering the costs for all tolls and signs and promotional materials announcing the free tolls.

In 2011, MassDOT logged 109,264 toll transactions at Interchange 19 on the fourth Friday in June. Of those transactions, 7,590 occurred between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. with 6,066 vehicles passing through the electronic toll collection lanes and 1,524 in the cash lanes.

In a similar sponsorship in November 2011, sponsored tolls as part of its Happiness Campaign on the day before Thanksgiving.

RMV Encourages Organ Donor Enrollment

Rachel KaprielianMassDOT and Registry of Motor Vehicles Registrar Rachel Kaprielian join the New England Organ Donor Bank in encouraging all Massachusetts License and ID holders to be an organ and tissue donor. If you are not yet a donor, you may sign up online for no fee at the RMV website.

According to the New England Organ Donor Bank, 17 people in the United States die each day waiting for organ transplants. There are nearly 100,000 patients waiting for an organ transplant in the U.S. and thousands more awaiting tissue transplants. A single donor can save or enhance the lives of as many as 50 people. Check out the video on MassDOT YouTube with real-life stories about the importance of organ and tissue donation.

Link to YouTube Video


MassDOT Board July Public Meeting

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation Board of Directors will hold its next regular public business meeting on Wednesday, July 11, 1:00pm, MBTA Board Room, Suite 3910, State Transportation Building, Boston.

The MBTA Board will meet first at 1pm, followed by the MassDOT Board. All meetings are open to the public.

The meeting schedule is available on the MassDOT website.

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