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Governor Charlie Baker

MassDOT April
Board Meeting

April 11
Transportation Building
10 Park Plaza
Suite 3830
Boston, MA 02150
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Regulatory Review
Listening Session:
April 20

Pursuant to M.G.L. chapter 30A, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Aeronautics Division, will hold a public hearing relative to proposed amendments to the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation 702 CMR 1.00-7.00. The hearing date follows:

Wednesday, April 20
Board Room
10 Park Plaza
Room 3830, Boston

Read the entire Review Listening Session blog post.

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April 1

MBTA Performance Reports Now Available Daily

Massachusetts Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack announced a new level of transparency at the MBTA, with the launching of the MBTA’s Performance Dashboard.

For the first time, the public can track the daily reliability levels of the four subway lines and all 170 bus routes. It also marks the first time that performance data for all four branches of the Green Line is publicly available. The Dashboard gives the public the ability to look at the reliability of lines or routes for an entire day, or just during rush hour periods. There are more than a million passenger trips each weekday on the MBTA bus and subway systems.

"Our ultimate goal is to make the MBTA one of the best transit systems in the country," said Secretary Pollack. "The Dashboard reflects our priority of making data-driven decisions and in keeping us accountable when it comes to customer satisfaction."

The Dashboard reflects the same information used internally by the MBTA to improve the transit systems on-time performance. It focuses on four categories of metrics: reliability, ridership, financials, and customer satisfaction.

The MBTA Performance Dashboard at will have monthly updates on ridership and budget information. In addition, the site will include survey responses from several thousand individuals who are involved in regular communications with the MBTA about their trips and overall experiences on bus, subway, commuter rail, and ferry routes.

The launch of the Dashboard comes a few months after the MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board, in its first annual report to the MA Legislature, pledged to provide the public with more information about T services.

As written in the report: "Performance metrics have a variety of audiences - riders, internal managers, policymakers, and others. The FMCB seeks to develop measures that are responsive to each group's interests. Further, it also seeks to continually update its measures to insure that performance measurement does not stagnate and is a source of ongoing improvement."

Today’s launch is only the beginning for the Dashboard. In the coming months, the public will see a series of enhancements to the existing metrics and additional information, such as spending on capital improvement projects.

Other customer communication accomplishments include:

  • T-Alerts: Currently has 76,763 subscribers. That’s a gain of 8,000 subscribers over this time last year, and a gain of 36,500 subscribers over this time two years ago (the winter 2015 caused a major increase).
  • Digital Boards: First introduced on March 4, 2013 - a Digital Pilot Program operated at approximately 8 locations from 2009 to 2011, when it was completed.

Digital Street Furniture was introduced in November, 2015. Six units of Digital Street Furniture were approved in December 2015; while 2 more units were approved in February 2016. Approximately 92 digital boards are active, with approximately 21 more planned to be deployed.

MBTA Seeks Public Comment: Critical Bus Routes

The MBTA is inviting public comment through April 4th on options to improve service on critical bus routes after the recent termination of Late Night Service. All interested customers and stakeholders are encouraged to reach out to the MBTA with their input on service options.

After the cancellation of the Late Night Service pilot service, the MBTA committed to considering mitigation options, including providing targeted changes to certain heavily utilized bus services that experience overcrowding, serve minority and/or low-income areas or that can improve reliability. At the March 16th meeting of the Fiscal and Management Control Board, MBTA staff outlined a set of principles to guide the development of service proposals to benefit key customer populations.

The public is encouraged to review the document at and provide us with comments.

The MBTA has now provided a list of bus service improvement options that are available for review and comment. Each of these service options improves service to key populations on routes experiencing overcrowding or routes serving significant minority and / or low-income populations in the MBTA service area.

As the FMCB and the MBTA continue the work of improving the MBTA’s financial condition and services, the Authority is committed to seeking and considering public input on proposed service priorities and recommendations about how to most effectively utilize the resources available for service.

The MBTA has reached out to a broad range of community organizations and transportation stakeholders to encourage review and comment on the service improvement options. MBTA staff will review all public comments, post a summary of those comments and then provide a recommendation to the FMCB for consideration at a forthcoming open board meeting.

More information is available on the web.

Please send your comment on mitigation service options to the MBTA by Monday April 4, 2016 at:

10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116
Attention: Late Night Service Committee
Phone: (617)222-3200 or TTY (617) 222-5146

Somerville: McGrath Highway Ramp, Access Updates

MassDOT will permanently close the off-ramp from Route 28 (McGrath Highway) Southbound to Somerville Avenue and will open a new at grade, signalized connection from Somerville Avenue/Medford Street to Route 28 (McGrath Highway) Northbound.

The existing tunnel from Somerville Avenue to Washington Street will be permanently closed.

The new configuration will be in effect starting Monday April 11, 2016.

Traffic will be re-routed as follows:

Route 28 Southbound traffic destined to Somerville Avenue should use the Washington Street off-ramp to Medford Street to access Somerville Avenue. Medford Street and Somerville Avenue traffic destined to Route 28 Northbound or Washington Street will utilize the new at grade, signalized connection at the Somerville Avenue/Medford Street intersection.

The work is subject to cancellation without notice due to inclement weather.

The work is an interim improvement phase that is linked to the long term McGrath Boulevard Project

When fully completed in the summer of 2016, this interim measure will provide increased pedestrian and bicycle access at both the Washington Street and Somerville Avenue intersections with McGrath Highway.

Everett Transit Action Plan Meeting: April 13

MassDOT is hosting an Everett Transit Action Plan Community Meeting on Wednesday, April 13, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, Edward G. Connolly Center, 90 Chelsea Street.

Project planning staff will present:

  • A complete list of potential transit improvements
  • Initial evaluations of improvements, based on project goals
  • Improvements warranting further evaluation
  • Potential short term recommendations

We have received feedback from you and your fellow transit riders on potential improvements to transit service in Everett and have come up with a full list of potential ideas. Our staff has done a preliminary evaluation of all of these ideas and is now looking for your reactions to our results. MassDOT, City of Everett, and project team staff will be at the meeting and look forward to hearing your feedback. Your participation is needed to help us ensure that we are on the right track to recommend the best improvements for Everett!

A presentation followed by a question and answer session will begin promptly at 6:30 PM.

Meeting flyers are available on the project website in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole. Please share them with anyone you think might be interested in this project.

Visit the project website to sign up for email alerts, view presentations and materials from past meetings, and learn more about this important project. For questions or concerns, please email Jennifer Slesinger, MassDOT Project Manager, at or call 857-368-9800.

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