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Regulatory Review

Proposed Amendments to Regulations

Listed below are the MassDOT Registry of Motor Vehicles Division Regulations to be amended during the Regulatory Review Process. Amended versions will be posted as available.

540 CMR 2.00 - Motor Vehicle Regulations - General

540 CMR 4.00 - Annual Safety and Emissions Inspections of Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Semi-Trailers and Dollies

540 CMR 7.00 - Minimum Standards for Construction and Equipment of School Buses and Pupil Transport Vehicles

540 CMR 8.00 - School Bus Driver Training Programs and School Bus Driving Instructors

540 CMR 9.00 - Conduct of Hearings Within The Registry of Motor Vehicles

540 CMR 11.00 - Operators Licenses Suspended

540 CMR 13.00 - International Registration Plan Regulations

540 CMR 14.00 - Motor Carrier Safety and Hazardous Material Transportation

540 CMR 18.00 - Minimum Standards for the Issuance and Use of General Registrations and General Registration Number Plates

540 CMR 20.00 - Suspension of License as a Result of the Conviction of a Violation of a Controlled Substance Act

540 CMR 21.00 - Semiannual Safety Inspections of School Pupil Transport Vehicles

540 CMR 22.00 - Miscellaneous Motor Vehicle and Trailer Equipment and Operations Requirements

540 CMR 23.00 - Licensing, Certification requirements For Professional Driving Schools and Instructors

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