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Governor Deval Patrick changed the course of transportation governance in Massachusetts when he signed into law in June 2009 the landmark transportation reform legislation. This integrated transportation agencies and authorities into a new, streamlined Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Governor Patrick's, Lieutenant Governor Murray’s and Secretary Davey's vision is to streamline transportation planning, delivery, and operations at the state level, breaking down silos and eliminating barriers to change. This is now happening at MassDOT. In addition, The Patrick-Murray Administration has set a goal to be a national leader in government transparency, this Public Accountability Meeting is making progress towards realizing that goal.

The Office of Performance Management and Innovation (OPM & I) is chartered to expand performance management and innovative strategies across all MassDOT divisions and departments. Monthly Performance Management Accountability Meetings are used to review data on critical performance indicators. The quantitative and qualitative data allows leadership to evaluate the organization’s progress against specific goals and targets. This drives managers to improve the overall performance of programs and employees. It will create a greater ability to monitor performance, manage operations, adopt best practices and resolve challenges within our transportation system. These efforts provide a basis for more meaningful engagement to discuss and resolve transportation issues.

Performance and Accountability Report - October 22, 2014 - Volume 1

2013 Annual Performance Report

MassDOT's Performance Management Reports:

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