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The 2017-2021 Capital Investment Plan

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) plan, fund, design, construct, and maintain transportation assets that enable the Commonwealth and its people and economy to flourish. For this to happen, the MBTA and each MassDOT agency must identify and prioritize the most beneficial investments, those that will most help to meet long-term goals for mobility, sustainability, and broad-based prosperity. These investments are funded through the Capital Investment Program (CIP), which uses state and federal funding to pay for long-term improvements to the transportation system.

A Shift in the Capital Budgeting Process:

In the past, transportation capital plans consisted almost entirely of long lists of funded projects, with little strategic context and even less demonstrable evidence that the investments chosen out of thousands of possible projects would best accomplish the overall goals of the agency and of the Commonwealth. This CIP is different in fundamental ways:

  • informed by a strategic vision
  • influenced by public and stakeholder input sought from the beginning of the process
  • built around funding programs
  • projects selected based on an objective and comparative evaluation

Because this CIP is the first capital plan produced for all of the MassDOT agencies, including the MBTA, all programs and projects were selected to shape a single vision of an improved transportation system. For the development of this CIP, all possible capital investments were considered together, and funding programs were developed and sized taking all capital needs into account.


The ultimate goal is for the Commonwealth to have a truly integrated and diversified transportation investment portfolio, not just a "capital plan." This 2017-2021 Plan represents a major step closer to true performance-based capital planning.

CIP Documents:

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