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The 2018-2022 Capital Investment Plan

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) plan, fund, design, construct, and maintain transportation assets that enable the Commonwealth and its people and economy to flourish. For this to happen, the MBTA and each MassDOT agency must identify long-term goals for mobility, sustainability, and broad-based prosperity. These investments are funded through the Capital Investment Program (CIP), which uses state and federal funding to pay for long-term improvements to the transportation system.

Current CIP Approach

Graphic of CIP Approach for the development process.

The 2017-2021 CIP, the first capital plan to include all MassDOT agencies and the MBTA, created three priorities for capital projects: Reliability, Modernization and Expansion. The reality and reasoning behind setting these priorities is basic: investments must focus first and foremost on fixing and modernizing transportation assets that have been allowed to deteriorate or that fail to meet current customer needs and requirements.

Within these priorities, 62 funding programs are designed to include the most important capital responsibilities of the agency. These programs target everything from repairing pavement and bridges to purchasing new subway cars to upgrading runways at municipal airports.

Once the priority and funding of each program is established, projects from the Unfunded Proposed Projects list are considered for inclusion. Each project is scored based on how it meets criteria established by the Project Selection Advisory Council (PSAC). Projects are selected for funding based on their scores as well as other criteria.

The Project Development Process

An overview graphic of the Project Development Process

We Want to Hear from You!

Following the success of last year’s CIP, MassDOT is in the process of updating the CIP for fiscal years 2018 – 2021 and adding programming for fiscal year 2022. MassDOT is committed to engaging members of public and stakeholders across the Commonwealth throughout the process of updating the CIP.

Please submit comments or suggestions on current or future transportation projects, programs, priorities and concerns using our online comment tool.

Project Lists

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