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Over two years of research, collaboration, and public outreach have gone into creating the GreenDOT Implementation Plan that serves as the framework for embedding the sustainability principles of GreenDOT into the core business practices of MassDOT. Developed in collaboration with each of the MassDOT Divisions and utilizing the many innovations already underway in the Commonwealth, the GreenDOT Implementation Plan is designed to be a usable guide for MassDOT and its partners to work collaboratively toward leading the nation in sustainable transportation.

Printable Final GreenDOT Implementation Plan
Accessible Final GreenDOT Implementation Plan

The Plan centers around sixteen sustainability goals organized under seven sustainability themes illustrated below:


  • Air
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    • Improve statewide air quality
  • Energy
    • Consume less energy
    • Increase reliance on renewable energy
  • Land
    • Minimize energy + chemicals used in maintenance
    • Enhance ecological performance of MassDOT impacted land
  • Materials
    • Improve life-cycle impacts of investments
    • Purchase environmentally preferred products
    • Build green facilities for MassDOT
  • Policy/Planning
    • Design a multi-modal transportation system
    • Promote healthy transportation + livable communities
    • Triple mode share of bicycling, transit + walking
  • Waste
    • Achieve zero solid waste disposal
    • Reduce all exposure to hazardous waste
  • Water
    • Use less water
    • Improve ecological function of water systems

MassDOT received over 350 public comments on the May draft version of the GreenDOT Implementation Plan. In order to provide a comprehensive review of the comments we received, the matrix below was created co-mingling all comments from our stakeholders, organized by the themes of the GreenDOT Plan. We responded to each distinct idea and when applicable provided the revised text for the Implementation Plan.

Public Feedback and Response Matrix

A key tenet of GreenDOT that has been added to this version of the Plan is our visionary statewide mode shift goal of tripling the share of travel in Massachusetts by bicycling, transit and walking by 2030. With the mode shift goal, MassDOT will foster improved quality of life by enhancing our environment and preserving capacity on our highway network, and letting other travel options absorb travel demand that is increasingly contributing to highway congestion that is slowing our potential for economic growth. Please refer to the Policy, Planning + Design section of the GreenDOT Implementation Plan for tasks MassDOT will be taking on toward implementation of the mode shift goal.

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