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The GreenDOT Report 2014 Status Update

The 2014 GreenDOT Report provides a comprehensive update on the progress that MassDOT has made toward implementation of the GreenDOT Policy and its related initiatives through the first five years of MassDOT’s existence. The report summarizes the status of the GreenDOT Policy at the end of 2014, as well as MassDOT’s plans for continued development and implementation of the GreenDOT Policy.

The 2014 GreenDOT Report provides the context for the development of the GreenDOT Policy and its related initiatives; describes actions that MassDOT has taken to meet GreenDOT objectives; establishes a performance management framework that will be used to track progress towards GreenDOT objectives in the future; and identifies key priorities for MassDOT moving forward.

For a brief, four-page overview of the 2014 GreenDOT Report, also see the Report Fact Sheet (PDF 1 MB) - updated 02/05/15.

Full Report

Report by Section (Print quality: for best results please download the PDF to your computer for printing)

Comment Submission

MassDOT is eager to hear from you about the status and future of the GreenDOT Policy and its implementation. Please submit your comments and questions regarding the 2014 GreenDOT Report. The input that you provide will help to inform the future direction of the GreenDOT Policy.

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