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Energy Initiative logo yellow sun with wind turbineThe MassDOT Renewable Energy Initiative promotes the adoption and use of renewable energy by developing specific programs and projects that will lead directly to the reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions within the Commonwealth’s transportation sector. This program was established in February 2012 and is supported by Secretary Davey and the MassDOT Energy Committee.

By promoting the design, construction and operation of renewable energy projects, the MassDOT Energy Initiative supports the GreenDOT policy directive and Governor Deval Patrick’s Clean Energy Policies. Through this initiative MassDOT also exhibits its commitment to reducing its reliance on traditional energy sources and to developing public-private partnerships within the state of Massachusetts.

MassDOT intends to establish itself through this initiative as a national leader and innovator of environmentally friendly, cost-effective energy solutions, and a driver of change within the transportation sector.

Please follow MassDOT’s Renewable Energy Initiative by tracking our progress and sharing your ideas via Facebook and Twitter.


Northampton Solar Project

Additional Resources:

2008 Green Communities Act -An act relative to green communities.

Global Warming Solution’s Act -An act establishing the global warming solutions act.

Leading by Example Program - A Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Program which sets aggressive targets for facilities owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding greenhouse gas emission reductions, energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy, green buildings, and water conservation.

Executive Order 13514 (PDF) - Federal leadership in environmental, energy, and economic performance.

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