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MassDOT Human Resources coordinates a variety of internship programs designed for undergraduate and graduate students. MassDOT provides the exposure, experience, and preparation for interns to leverage their passions through professional development and service to the Commonwealth.

Engineering Internship    RMV Internship

These opportunities are comprised of both paid and unpaid participation. Paid internships generally operate during the summer, beginning May and ending in September. General information and application instructions for each internship program are provided below.

Due to the large number of applicants, applications missing any of the required documents at the time of submission will be disqualified from the internship application process. Space is limited and the submission of an application will not guarantee placement within an internship program. MassDOT Human Resources starts accepting internship application the first week in April and placements are usually made by mid-May.

Engineering Internship

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is the result of a merger of the former state transportation agencies. The new organization oversees four new divisions: Highway, Mass Turnpike, Aeronautics and the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). In addition, the new MassDOT oversees the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and Regional Transit Authorities (RTA).

Engineering students with an emphasis in Civil/Structural Engineering, Construction Management, and Environmental Engineering are eligible to apply for a hands-on, field-work intensive internship supporting a MassDOT Civil Engineer throughout the Commonwealth.

Program Duration, Hours and Compensation:

The Engineering Internship Program typically runs 14 weeks from June through the end of August. Exact dates for this year's program have not yet been determined. Students must commit to a full-time schedule for the internship period.

The standard work week is Monday through Friday and start times will vary depending upon placement. Students will work 40 hours per week in the districts and 37.5 hours per week at HQ. The pay is $14.00 per hour. Overtime is not available. Internship/Co-op positions with MassDOT are non-benefit, contract positions.

Contract employees of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are required to participate in the SMART Plan. The SMART Plan is an alternative to Social Security as permitted by the federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 (OBRA). As a student you will be required to participate in this deferred compensation program. At the end of the summer you can request to withdraw these funds however there may be tax implications.

Program Job Description:

Engineering Interns will be evaluated on their ability to grasp concepts and assist MassDOT Civil Engineers in any the following areas:

Preparing plans, designs, specifications and cost estimates for highway and bridge construction or maintenance projects. Providing data for the preparation of engineering or environmental reports and studies.

Performing calculations such as those related to survey, traffic forecasting, soil capacity, groundwater flow and quantity of materials. Analyzing changes in scope of work during design and/or construction of projects.

Conducting field investigations in order to gather information needed to resolve construction, maintenance, environmental or traffic problems. Reviewing applications for licenses or permits for the transportation of materials and for the construction of projects.

Reviewing construction and service contract payment estimates and/or invoices for materials, equipment and supplies. Inspecting construction operations, such as drainage, steel placement, paving or concrete to ensure work is being performed according to specifications. Inspecting maintenance work, such as highway landscaping, repaving operations and snow and ice removal.

Performing related duties such as writing memoranda, letters or general reports; collecting and correlating engineering data; maintaining records; and operating technical equipment.

Instructions for Applying:

It is important that you follow all of these instructions due to the large number of applicants and to ensure your paperwork is routed correctly. You will be contacted directly by the districts for an interview. To be eligible for the program you should have completed 2 years in an engineering program, must be a full time student for the current semester and be a full time student in the following semester. You must also provide a statement from your college or university verifying your enrollment status. In order to successfully complete your internship, you will be required to give a presentation on your experience working at MassDOT at the end of the summer.

Districts are as follows:

  • Lenox - D-1
  • Northampton - D-2
  • Worcester - D-3
  • Arlington - D-4
  • Taunton - D-5
  • Boston (Kneeland St) - D-6
  • Boston (10 Park Plaza) - HQ

If you wish to mail in your application, please send all of the required documents to:

Attn: Engineering Internship Coordinator
MassDOT - Human Resources
10 Park Plaza - Suite 3170
Boston, MA 02116

Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Internship

The RMV is responsible for the licensure of 4.6 million operators and the registration of 5.9 million motor vehicles. It also collects over $1 billion dollars on behalf of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and Commonwealth cities and towns. As an intern, you must have the customer service, cash handling, and problem-resolution skills necessary to provide exceptional assistance to residents wishing to conduct license and registration transactions in branch offices or seeking assistance from the Customer Assistance Telephone Center. Interns will be placed throughout the agency based on the needs of different departments. Interns will be exposed to a fast paced work environment and will have the opportunity to directly interact with customers in one of the largest state customer service operations.

Program Duration, Hours and Compensation:

The RMV will place Customer Service Internships run from May through August. This year's dates have not yet been determined. Internship opportunities are available in the following division locations: Quincy Call Center; and state wide in Branch Operations.

Students work 7.5 hours per day/ 5 hours per week. The hourly rate for interns is $11 per hour. You will receive orientation and training on systems, transactions and core job functions during the first week of placement. Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time post-secondary educational program in the Fall of 2013 and must also successfully complete a background check (CORI).

Program Job Description:

Provide customer service directly and indirectly, according to standard procedures. Execute moderately complex clerical duties requiring a moderate degree of independent decision and a general knowledge of the functions of a branch or department of the Registry of Motor Vehicles; perform related work as required.

Examine the correctness of execution of forms, documents and applications pertaining to registrations, licenses, permits, titles, identification cards and motor vehicle sales tax.

Determine and receive fees and other payments on a considerable scale for services such as: Statutory fees for registrations; licenses, titles, permits, and identification cards; examination appointments and motor vehicle sales tax. Reconcile receipts with revenue control documents and applications; prepare and maintain revenue and other accounting records; operate computer terminals and Photo imaging hardware.

Provide information to the public by telephone or in person where familiarity with complex requirements or procedures for obtaining a permit, license, registration, title, or identification card is required.

Perform miscellaneous clerical work as required, including filing, receiving and distributing mail, the requisitioning of office supplies, and operation of standard office machines.

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