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Contractors Suspended or Debarred by MassDOT

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The Massachusetts Department of Transportation maintains the following list of individuals and firms suspended or debarred by MassDOT:

There are currently no contractors debarred by MassDOT

** Please note: this list consists only of individuals and firms suspended or debarred by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation pursuant to G.L. c. 29, §29F, and does not included individuals and firms suspended or debarred by other state entities including the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office and the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management or by federal entities of the United States. **

The following federal and state websites contain additional lists and information on individuals and firms, which have been suspended or debarred:

In accordance with G.L. c. 29, § 29F, MassDOT will not enter into a contract with a prime contractor, or approve a subcontract with a subcontractor, if they are currently suspended or debarred. During the period for which a person has been debarred or suspended, that person shall not submit or cause to be submitted offers, bids, or proposals to any public agency, nor shall any public agency solicit or consider offers, bids, or proposals from, nor execute, renew, or extend any contract with, a debarred or suspended contractor, and a contractor shall not contract for supplies or services from a debarred or suspended subcontractor on any public contract.

If you have questions about MassDOT suspensions or debarments, you may contact MassDOT's Legal Department at 857-368-8600

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